Basement Sealing Solutions Avoid Costly Repairs

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow melt with a basement prone to excess moisture? If your home has an untreated basement, you may be at risk for serious damage and costly, time-intensive repairs due to water or excess basement moisture. Protect your home by proactively learning more about basement sealing solutions.

Why Basement Sealing Is Important

Wet basements can lead to harmful fungus, mildew, and mold growth that can cause health problems for people and pets living in the house, including asthma and the aggravation of allergies. Beyond causing worry over potential health concerns, having a wet basement can also potentially cause expensive foundation damage, or damage to other parts of the home. Walls can crack or weaken, and valuables may also be at risk for damage. Basement sealing prevents these problems by protecting your home from excess basement moisture.

Causes of Excess Basement Moisture

There are a number of potential causes for excess basement moisture, including rain, snow melt, improper installation of gutters or runoff routing, and/or subsurface water sources. Whether water is seeping into your basement from the ground below or from the sky above, it can lead to serious problems when left unchecked. Other causes of moisture or water in the basement may be related to plumbing or indoor appliances, including leaks in pipes or improperly vented clothes dryers.

How to Tell if You Need Basement Sealing

If basement moisture is not caused by plumbing or an indoor appliance, you likely need your basement sealed to protect it from the elements. A couple of big signs your basement may need sealing include air leaks around any doors or windows or cracks with a stair step pattern. Other signs include separation around the chimney, basement walls with visible water stains, growth of mildew or mold in the basement, warped paneling, and even cracking plaster.

Basement Sealing Solutions

There are several basement sealing solutions, but two primary choices are the Hydraway Waterproofing System and our Wall Paneling System. A standalone product that protects your basement, the Hydraway Waterproofing System uses three components to remove and prevent moisture: Hydraway, HydraPanel, and the sump pump. Ideal for homes suffering from issues pertaining to leakage or poor drainage, the system is a permanent solution better than “drain tile” or “French” drain systems and won’t cause clogging or water to back up. Installation is a four-step process causing minimal disturbance to areas surrounding the installation site or foundation. A small section of floor is removed in the affected area, weep holes are added, Hydraway materials are inserted and installed, and concrete is poured over the top.

Intech’s Wall Paneling System is a system of rigid panels attached directly to basement walls. They are very durable, and their white color can brighten up any basement space. They are also very easy to clean; simply wash away any dirt. They will not peel or crack either. The wall paneling system also prevents invasive insects and rodents from entering the basement and reduces the chances of mold or mildew growth.

Why Choose Intech Anchoring Systems?

For more than 20 years, Intech Anchoring has provided industry leading basement sealing options and high quality service. View our customer testimonials and give us a call today at 800-223-7015.

Tim Comb


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