The Function and Cost of Wall Anchors

Many homes and structures, especially older constructions, are eventually plagued with cracked foundations, bowing walls, and other formidable signs of deterioration that may leave the building unstable and even unsafe. The most dependable solution for these instabilities is the installation of wall anchors.

Uses for Wall Anchors:

  • Stabilizing an Uneven Foundation: There is no longer a need to accept uneven floors and cracked walls due to a leaning or unstable structure. With the installation of wall anchors, the foundation can be restored to its former stability. A stable foundation can affect the comfort, security, and resale value of the home in a positive way.
  • Preventing Further Deterioration:Wall anchors can not only restore the structure to a more stable and balanced foundational condition, but they can also prevent continued leaning or cracking, keeping unevenness in the past for homeowners. Rather than investing in costly reconstruction of the home’s foundation, homeowners can rest assured that the simple installation of wall anchors will return the home to its original integrity.
  • Restructuring Bowing Walls: Bowing walls are a major concern for the safety of the home, energy efficiency, and the overall integrity of the structure. However, bowed walls do not need to be an impenetrable problem if wall anchors are employed. Wall anchors can reverse wall bowing and prevent further damage and deterioration to structural walls.

How Wall Anchors Work:

Wall anchors can be likened in function to large metal bolts. The steps to wall anchor installation are simple:

  • Excavation preps the area for the installation of wall anchors.
  • Heavy metal plates are put into the yard as well as the interior foundation walls of the home.
  • The plates are connected by steel rods and buried into the ground.
  • The plates are stabilized by a rotary-drill tightening process.
  • The walls are straightened by the tightening process.

Once the installation steps have taken place, each anchor is reliable and can support more than 27 tons of pressure individually. Further, wall anchors achieve their reliability through depth. Drilling deeply into the immovable lower soil layers, wall anchor installations specialists ensure that newly stabilized structures will not shift. Employing wall anchors to stabilize the home is the most surefire way to reinstate security and structural integrity to the building.

Cost of Wall Anchors:

One major concern for homeowners is the potential cost of wall anchors. Wall anchor end-cost can be affected by how many anchors are needed. Anchors are to be placed every six to eight feet all the way around the walls of the structure, so perimeter footage directly effects the overall cost.

Per anchor, the cost will amount to approximately $600 to $800. Comparing this cost-per-unit to the perimeter footage of the structure can help indicate overall investment. Consideration for the importance of home security and stability renders this investment inarguable. With attention to insurance and liability costs, and the value of family security and safety, wall anchors will provide an immeasurable relief to homeowners.
Be aware, severe damage can result in more costly repairs and complete reconstruction of the foundation.

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