An Overview of Load Testing

load-testing“Load testing” is a phrase that applies to both the physical and the technological worlds. Intech Anchoring provides load testing with commercial construction projects.

What is Load Testing?

Load testing is basically a stress test. Many kinds of machinery and engines must be load tested to ensure they properly perform their functions before being released into the field. Intech Anchoring performs load testing on structures. To ensure safety and optimal usage, structural load testing is an essential part of the modern contracting and construction industry. The primary concern of load testing is determining a structure’s safety for human occupation and use.

As a company oriented towards technological solutions, Intech Anchoring performs load testing with digital models. This allows the company to create accurate projections of a building’s needs without risking lives or materials.


Load testing ensures a building is safe and identifies potential structural weaknesses. By discovering these problems ahead of time, Intech Anchoring provides contractors and homeowners with accurate analyses of a structure’s needs. Intech Anchoring’s engineers can offer solutions to any shortcomings load testing may expose.

Contractors and homeowner’s seek Intech Anchoring’s highly advanced load testing software services for their affordability and quality. Existing structures can be virtually load tested in the event of structural failure to determine the cause of the problem. Plans for structures can be imaged in three dimensions before they are built to discover and rectify problems that otherwise would have caused safety concerns. This enables contractors to fix problems before they occur, preventing injuries and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Load testing as a service is a money-saving decision. By load testing a plan for a structure, potential problems can be fixed before they arise, saving money, time, and headaches later on. Load testing existing buildings with structural failures helps assess the exact location of the problem, so no money is wasted on secondary concerns.

Intech Anchoring offers competitive pricing for load testing services. Contractors and homeowners for projects and structures of all sizes use Intech Anchoring’s high quality software to fix problems before they arise. Determining the cost of load testing varies depending on the kind of project. Intech Anchoring understands each structure is different, requiring unique attention and analysis. Contact Intech Anchoring to find out how much load testing your structure will cost.

Other Support Services that Intech Anchoring Offers

Intech Anchoring’s certified engineers provide supports services for projects involving foundations, walls, basements, and cracks in all kinds of structures. We provide technical solutions, training, equipment and resources by partnering with the industry’s most trusted underpinning, micropiling, foundation repair and drainage products.

For all of these services, pricing is competitive, and the quality of services rendered is the best in the business. Heavier structures can cause bigger foundational damage. Intech Anchoring offers foundation repair for all weights of structures.

For further information on any of Intech Anchoring’s various products or levels of engineering support, contact the company today. Call 734-432-5111.


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