CHANCE Helical Piles Are the Affordable Solution as Construction Spending Increases

AB Chance Products Are Used Worldwide in Residential and Commercial Buildings 

According to a report put out by the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2017, construction has risen to an 11-year high, and the trend was predicted to last for at least another two years. There are new projects in buildings and infrastructure that are popping up all over the country. All of this increased demand must be met with products that are affordable while still delivering high performance.    

Helical pile systems are foundation solutions used to transfer load weight to higher load capacity helical bearing plates that are located in stable soil. They are ideal products for stabilizing/lifting foundations or retrofitting to increase load capacity. Engineers can rely on helical piles for applications throughout multiple sectors, including utility, commercial, industrial, government, and residential. 

CHANCE foundation solutions are one part of the larger A.B. Chance Company. Their products are used all over the globe for a wide variety of applications, from tower and heavy equipment foundations to securing residential and commercial locations. Their foundation technology has been designed and engineered for long-term stability and dependability. These reasons and many others make them one of the best solutions for the current growth in the construction industry.     

The Rising Popularity of Helical Piles Deep Foundation Solutions 

We can advise you on helical pile installation depending on the type of soil that you are working with on your project. More recently, helical piles have become the foundation option of choice for construction on soil in areas of high seismic activity. In areas where there is average seismic activity, helical piles will still be an effective solution for tough soil conditions or areas with limited access. 

The proximity to urban areas can get in the way of commercial construction or sewer work, but CHANCE piles solve this problem as well. They do not require excavation, and they can be installed using smaller equipment. When space is limited, helical piles are the optimal deep foundation system. The minimal soil disturbance caused by the helical piles also lends them to new residential construction. They offer less vibration, noise, and disturbance than many other options.

CHANCE Helical Piles are designed for simple functionality in versatile applications. Studies have shown that a single operator and lone laborer can install as many as 30 to 40 helical piles a day, depending on the project. That means lower overall labor costs and faster production times for your project. All of this adds up to greater productivity and efficiency for your team on the work site.       

Take Advantage of Our Familiarity With Helical Piles and Their Applications 

CHANCE Helical Piles put projects that once seemed too expensive within reach. Contractors, engineers, and project managers will be able to consider a wider variety of foundation solutions. That means more work for the skilled construction workers who are equipped with the knowledge of CHANCE products and their advantages. 

The full-time engineering staff at Intech Anchoring can work with you to determine which products are best for your project. CHANCE offers seminars and training sessions on the benefits and applications of products like their helical piles, but not every contractor, engineer, or worker has the time to attend these seminars and learn more about these foundation systems and their installation process. 

When you are looking for affordable and practical solutions, you can rely on the staff at Intech Anchoring to make educated recommendations based on our years of experience and familiarity with the CHANCE line of products. A.B. Chance is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of helical anchors, but it is the team at Intech Anchoring who will deliver those tools to your project site. We’ll even come out in person to your work site to ensure that the products you got from us are coordinated and used correctly. 

To learn more about CHANCE Helical Piles and their applications, contact us today.