CHANCE Helical Piling & Anchoring Systems

Hubbell is the world’s leading foundation repair expert and foundation manufacturer, featuring the CHANCE brand system for the civil construction, electric utility, and telecommunications markets. The CHANCE Company product line is perfect for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications—from new homes and high-rise structures to sound walls, communication towers, and bridges.

Since 1912, CHANCE has been the international leader in earth anchoring. The CHANCE product line is diverse for a wide variety of pile sizes. This offers customizability and many different configurations for your projects. All of them are also ISO 9000 certified and building code approved.

All CHANCE products are made in the United States in Centralia, Missouri. CHANCE is the oldest, largest, and most experienced foundation specialist in the country. They have products and materials on the ground, ready to be put into action throughout the country. CHANCE helical piles are approved by all national building code agencies.

The CHANCE Helical Pile system offers a well-recognized and extremely cost-effective alternative to other pile systems and is backed by over 100 years of engineering experience. High-mobilization costs associated with driven piles, drilled shafts, or auger-cast piles are eliminated with the A.B. Chance product line. There is an instant torque-to-capacity feedback for production control.


CHANCE Helical Anchors

Since the early 1960s, CHANCE Helical Anchors have been used in the electric transmission industry as the primary guy anchor solution. Today, CHANCE Anchors are finding increased popularity in civil construction applications because of the versatility and cost effectiveness of uplift (tension) restraint solution.

CHANCE Helical Piles

CHANCE Helical Piles are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations, and many other deep foundation applications. CHANCE Helical Pile systems are used to transfer load weight to bearing plates located in stable soil. This patented system brings an economical solution to underpinning systems. Fast, predictable, and measurable are just three advantages of this building code evaluated and accepted system.

CHANCE Helical Piers

The CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation System offers a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems. Our system is backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience.

CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropiles

The CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropile from Intech Anchoring is a system for constructing a grout column around the shaft of a standard Helical Pile Foundation System. The CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropile (HPM) brings the advantages of the pre-engineered helical pile to higher load applications, providing compression loads of 20,000 lbs. to 400,000 lbs. per pile.

Products & Applications

CHANCE has a wide variety of products, including:

    • Helical Anchors

    • Helical Piles

    • Repair Brackets

    • Helical Brackets

    • Pile Caps

    • Helical Piers

    • Helical Pulldown Micropiles

The CHANCE product line can be utilized in the following applications:

    • Foundation Underpinning

    • Piling Systems

    • Earth Retention Systems

    • Tieback Anchors

    • Soil & Ground Screws

    • New Construction

    • Micropile Systems

    • Wall Repair

    • Foundation Repair

Chance Traceability Advantage

Beyond all of the applications of their foundation technologies, the CHANCE Company also comes with the inherent benefit of traceability. This means that they have tracking methods in place so that they know where and when every batch of products came from. If there is ever an issue or concern with the quality of their products, they can trace every piece back to the facility where it was manufactured. This feature adds security and peace of mind to the manufacturing process for the consumer.

To take advantage of our expertise and find out which CHANCE products are right for your project, contact Intech Anchoring today.