CHANCE Drivecast™ Friction Pile for Deep Foundation Solutions

The CHANCE® Drivecast™ screw displacement pile utilizes soil displacement methodology, which allows the pile to be advanced into the soil by rotation. Pile sections consist of a centralized steel shaft and a patented displacement assembly placed at regular intervals from the pile tip. By design, the surface of the pile establishes a cylindrical void that allows a column of grout to be immediately pulled down from a gravity-fed reservoir, creating a fully grouted, high capacity pile.

Permanent Foundations, Anywhere

Construct a high capacity pile simply by installing the Drivecast™ pile to the required depth while maintaining a cement grout reservoir at the ground surface. Gravity will naturally pull down the grout into the space provided by the displacement assembly, creating a fully encased grouted pile.

Benefits for Drivecast from Chance

  • Efficient and predictable high capacity
  • Lower mobilization costs
  • Higher production than traditional auger cast piles
  • Can be installed with smaller (non-specialized) equipment
  • Minimal site disturbance
  • Ideal for limited access/low overhead areas
  • No vibrations or spoils

Friction Pile Application Versatility

The screw displacement pile was designed for projects where increasing capacity and providing predictable results is a must, the CHANCE Drivecast pile is fully grouted, resisting corrosion in aggressive soils and high water tables.

As a proven engineered system, high bearing capacity, and side resistance are combined to bring a large pile diameter solution to a wide variety of applications for new construction, heavy highway, tanks/sewer, pipelines, and commercial/industrial buildings.

Perfect for limited-access sites or areas with low overhead, this sectional driven pile provides added capacity with efficient, predictable results.

Drivecast Pile Installation

Drivecast™ pile sections are engaged and advanced into the soil in a smooth, continuous manner at a rate of rotation of 5 to 20 RPMs.

Extensions are installed so that required depths can be achieved, while sufficiently applying down pressure to uniformly advance each of the sections. Sections are connected by using coupling bolts and nuts torqued to 40 ft-lbs. The rate of rotation and magnitude of down pressure is adjusted for different soil conditions and depths.

The grout is released from a gravity-fed reservoir located at the surface, before the advancement of the lead section into the soil and continues until you achieve the minimum column length.

Installation Equipment

A rotary type, hydraulic power–driven torque motor should be used, along with a Kelly bar adapter and square shaft (SS) or round shaft (RS) drive tool. It is recommended that a torque indicator is used to measure torque; it can be an integral part of the installation equipment or externally mounted in line with the installation tooling.


Corrosion Resistance

Drivecast™ piles are offered both as uncoated or hot dip galvanized per ASTM A153 or A123. The fully grouted column itself provides one level of corrosion protection. If surrounding soil conditions, service life, or code requirements warrant additional protection, then hot-dipped galvanization offers a second level of defense. Hot-dipped galvanization is the only practical means to provide a corrosion-resistant coating capable of withstanding the rigors of installation.

CENTRAL STEEL SHAFT (Lead Section) a. Galvanization OR b. Minimum 1/8″ corrosion loss on outside a. Bare steel OR b. Galvanization OR c. Minimum 1/8″ corrosion loss on outside a. Galvanization OR b. Minimum 1/8″ corrosion loss on outside a. Bare steel OR b. Galvanization OR c. Minimum 1/8″ corrosion loss on outside
CENTRAL STEEL SHAFT (Extension Displacement Section) a. Galvanization AND Grout cover(3) a. Bare steel OR b. Galvanization AND Grout cover(3) a. Galvanization AND Grout cover(3) a. Grout cover(3)
CENTRAL STEEL SHAFT (Extension Section) a. Galvanization OR b. Epoxy coating AND Grout cover(3) a. Bare steel OR b. Galvanization OR c. Epoxy coating AND Grout cover(3) a. Galvanization OR b. Epoxy coating AND Grout cover a. Grout cover(3)


Lettered items are options.

For guidance on aggressiveness classification, see Table B of the Appendix.

1. Sustained tension or temporary tension (wind, seismic, impact) on life critical structural. For temporary tension on normal structures, corrosion protection under Compression is often used.

2. Corrosion protection shall extend 15′-0 below corrosive material.

3. Minimum 1″; in soil. If protective coatings (galvanization, epoxy) are provided in compression, minimum cover may be 0.25″ in soil.

Mechanical Strength Ratings

TYPE SS175 1-3/4″ ROUND CORNER SHAFT TYPE 22200 2″ ROUND CORNER SHAFT TYPE RS3500 3-1/2″ O.D 0.300″ WALL PIPE TYPE RS4500 4-1/2″ O.D 0.337″ WALL PIPE
Torsional Strength* Rating (ft-lb) 10,500 16,000 13,000 23,000
Grout Column Diameter (in) 8 12 10 12
Allowable Compressive Strength** (kip) 170 280 150 210

*Actual installed capacities are dependent on soil conditions.

**CHANCE Drivecast™ allowable compressive strength = 0.33(fb)Ac + 0.4(Fys)As

Intech Anchoring Expertise Is at Your Disposal

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