Intech Anchoring supplies geostructural engineering solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential contractors. We are the regional distributor for many of the leading brand names in foundation repair and installation, including Magnacore Anchoring and Micropile systems, Atlas Copco, and AB Chance Helical Pier system. We work with the most trusted names in deep foundation manufacturing, but our loyalty only extends to the products and services that are right for your project in Indianapolis, IN.

Deep Foundation Solutions Paired With Superior Customer Service

One of the many advantages of partnering with Intech is our unparalleled customer service in the construction industry. You can trust that when our experts make a recommendation, it’s based on what we believe is best for your project and our 20 years of experience in resolving foundation issues. We saw a need in our industry for more than just a distributor of foundation construction products, and that’s why we built our full-time engineering staff. 

Our engineers work directly with you to help overcome the challenges you’re facing in design limitations or less than competent soil conditions. This type of customer service is not something you’ll find with every other regional distributor for Indianapolis, IN. We’ve made a commitment to quality service, from the products we supply to the design recommendations we make. We use design theory, along with time-tested field applications, and combine it all with the latest in interactive software programs. 

We’ve made it a policy to maintain a substantial inventory of products so we are always ready to supply your needs with rapid response. With us at your side, you’ll receive high-value engineering, competitive pricing, and shorter lead times. All of this technical and customer support makes Intech Anchoring a competitive advantage you can’t afford to pass up on your next project. We want to help make sure your next bid is a success.

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Hydraway Is Our Answer to Commercial Drainage Systems

The winters in Indianapolis can bring harsh temperatures and heavy snowfall. As the seasons progress, all that snow can become a problem for many surfaces and underground structures. Melted snow seeps into even the tiniest cracks before refreezing, expanding, and causing all sorts of damage. We can help you prevent that moisture from gaining a foothold with our commercial drainage system, Hydraway.  

Drainage and waterproofing are vital parts of deep foundation solutions. We’ve had more than 20 years of experience to assess which products offer the best results, and Hydraway checks all the boxes for us. Intech Anchoring owns, manufactures, and distributes the Hydraway Drainage system. It has become the solution of choice for engineers thanks to its high-compressive strengths, inflow rate, and guaranteed results in the field. The most significant advantage of Hydraway is the way its design allows high inflow rates for rapid dewatering of turf areas, while preventing the passage of soil and rock particles at the same time. 

The drainage system is specially designed for surfaces like golf courses, highways, athletic fields, and sports turf, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole line of products that capitalizes on the effectiveness of Hydraway. A few examples include:

  • Hydraway Waterproofing System: This basement waterproofing system removes water 70% faster than standard methods. It’s the best way to keep your basement dry and protect your structure from the damage long-term moisture can cause.  

  • Hydrashield: This paneling system is a moisture barrier that works to protect your basement walls. The panels add a professional, finished look to your basement and prevent moisture from finding its way into the interior of your underground structures.  

  • Hydraliner: Crawl space repair following water damage can be time-consuming and challenging to perform in these areas of limited access. The Hydraliner system stops your crawl space from collecting moisture and prevents mold and bacteria from growing. 

Proudly Serving Indianapolis With Foundation Solutions

Intech Anchoring is prepared to make a difference for you. We take pride in providing the right product for your project and the support you need to implement it correctly. Whether you are performing commercial concrete repair, need deep foundation solutions and equipment, or are looking for the perfect drainage system, we have the tools and expertise to support you.     

To learn more about the services and products we offer in Indianapolis, IN, contact Intech Anchoring today.