St. Louis

Intech Anchoring has made it our mission to be a competitive advantage for our clients. Whether you are in St. Louis or one of the other Intech areas we serve, we take pride in making a positive difference in your projects.

Geostructural Engineering and Deep Foundation Solutions to Resolve Your Issues

If you are a contractor in St. Louis looking for deep foundation solutions or structural engineering assistance, Intech Anchoring is your answer. We have experience with commercial, industrial, and residential projects of all types. Over the past two decades, Intech has become one of the most trusted names in deep foundation equipment and products.

We are the regional distributor for many of the leading brands in foundation installation and repair. Our distribution includes names like Magnacore Anchoring and Micropile Systems, Atlas Copco, and A.B. Chance Helical Pier Systems. These are leading brand names we trust, but our ultimate loyalty is to the needs of the customer and what is best for your individual project. When we make a product or service recommendation, you can trust it is in your best interest and not motivated by brand loyalty.

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We Offer Multiple Solutions for Commercial Concrete Repair

Intech Anchoring offers multiple top-of-the-line solutions for repairing, reinforcing, and restoring the quality of your concrete surfaces. If you spot foundation problems in your concrete floor or walls, you don’t have to panic about costly and time-intensive floor repairs.

Applications we can assist with include:

  • Concrete columns
  • Walls
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Tilt-up floor slabs
  • Masonry
  • Basement walls
  • Parking structures
  • Steel beams and tanks

You can come to the team at Intech for the latest in carbon fiber reinforcement and epoxy or urethane injections. Often, after your concrete structure is reinforced by these methods, it is stronger than ever before.

Looking for First-Rate, Commercial Drainage in St. Louis?

Managing the proper drainage of rain or other forms of precipitation is vital to the long-term health of your structures, particularly for preventing foundation issues. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the deep foundation industry to draw on, and we have found the Hydraway Drainage System to be one of the best solutions available today. We were so impressed with Hydraway that we now own, manufacture, and distribute the products ourselves here at Intech Anchoring.

It has rapidly become the drainage solution of choice for many engineers. There is a whole line of Hydraway products, but the primary drainage system has been optimized for use on surfaces such as sports turf, athletic fields, golf courses, and even highways.

The most significant advantage of the Hydraway system is the way it allows for high inflow rates for rapid dewatering of the turf area while preventing the passage of loose soil and rocks.

This feature maintains the quality of your commercial property and prevents the need for costly ground improvements in the future.

The Hydraway line of products includes:

  • Hydrashield for keeping basement retaining walls dry
  • Hydraliner for keeping moisture out of your crawl spaces
  • HydraPump for sump pumping water out of your interior spaces

We’re Here to Serve With Commercial Foundation Repair Strategy and Equipment

We have an in-house engineering team that is part of our commitment to boosting the performance of the products we sell and having a positive impact on your projects. This full-time staff is here to help you overcome any design challenges in your path. They have practical field experience and the latest technology to back up their expertise. You can count on our team to recommend the right products for your needs and provide engineering advice to overcome your hurdles.

We have multiple locations, and we maintain a substantial inventory in all of them to ensure we are equipped to respond to your needs in a timely manner. We keep these products ready for shipment to shorten your lead times and help you meet your project deadlines. We want to make a positive impact on your success and the overall quality of your project.

To learn more about our services available in St. Louis, reach out to Intech Anchoring today.