Wall Anchors

Intech Anchoring Systems supplies helical wall anchors to residential repair contractors as a cost effective alternative to replacing a wall undergoing excessive moments.

If a section of the home has bowing walls, or even those that show vertical cracks along the entire length, soil expansion can be the cause. The walls are literally being pushed inward by the surrounding soil.

Wall anchors are a cost-effective solution to the alternative of excavation and concrete repouring. Intech Anchoring Systems has a permanent solution for bowing wall without full replacement.

Helical Wall Anchors

Intech Anchoring Systems supplies wall anchors in order to correct a wall that is being pushed inward due to soil expansion or hydrostatic pressure. A wall anchor consists of large steel screws, otherwise referred to as helicals connected to a large bearing plate on the interior of the wall. The wall anchor is horizontally drilled into the soil surrounding your affected wall property. The screws or large helicals are drilled to a depth deep enough to reach soil that has sufficient capacity to sustain the loading which caused the movement. When the wall anchor is locked off on the inward pushed wall, the potential for further wall deterioration or movement is minimized and there is a possibility that a wall may be moved to its original position


Helical Wall Anchor System Defined

The CHANCE Helical Wall Anchor System is different from many other wall repair system. It goes beyond simply patching up cracks.

With helical wall anchors, foundation stability and support from both sides of the wall are a result.

The helical wall anchor system is able to shift the bowing or cracked wall of the home back into proper alignment and provides constant support in order to prevent recurring damage. Visually speaking, the helical wall anchor system is able to do this because it is drilled deep within the ground, reaching the inactive soil that will not be affected by erosion, water seepage, or temperature change.

The other end of the anchor, the part opposite the helical screws, is attached to an anchor bolt and steel plate on the inside of your wall. The steel plate holds the anchor in place, thus supporting and repairing the damaged wall. If needed by the design, several of these anchors may be installed along one wall to provide maximum support.

Benefits to the Alternative of Wall Replacement

Besides being less expensive than a replacement, helical wall anchors offer many benefits, including:

  • Permanent Solution: Helical wall anchors eliminate bowing walls permanently. This option is smart. If you were to go through the steps to replace a wall, chances are, soil expansion would eventually create bowing to the new wall in the future.
  • Shorter Completion Time: The entire installation takes far less time than a wall replacement, which often calls for excavation of current wall material and a concrete truck on site to pour a wall. Although every circumstance is different, depending on the design, most helical wall anchor installations for a single wall takes less than 3 days.
  • Limited Living Disturbance: The entire process can be completed without causing much disturbance to normal household life. Helical wall anchors are installed outside of the home for most of construction excluding the attachment of the anchor bolt and steel plate, which is inside. The alternative of wall replacement is a highly complex solution that would most often require relocation.

Foundation Wall Anchors Are Engineered to Last

Helical wall anchors from Intech Anchoring Systems have been tested for decades and are proven to be the most affordable and reliable method for repairing damaged walls. Contact us today for a product quote on Helical Wall Anchors and to become a certified residential CHANCE Installer.

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