The Benefits of Commercial Concrete Repair and Restoration

For some, concrete repair and restoration might seem like a purely aesthetic decision. No one wants their property or floors to look like they are in bad condition, but the truth is that concrete repair products offer more benefits than just restoring the appearance of your surfaces. Cracks in the concrete affect the safety of your workplace, the comfort of your employees, and even the energy bills of your facility. Don’t let damaged concrete do any more damage to your bottom line. With Intech Anchoring in St. Louis and Detroit, you can be certain you are getting the right product for your project, and you will have the support of our excellent customer service team.

Commercial Concrete Repair Affects Your Productivity

Depending on the operations of your workplace, the condition of your concrete surfaces will have a profound effect on your daily workflow. If your facility uses forklifts or other industrial service vehicles, cracks in the floor could damage the tires. These machines carry heavy loads and must manage high-volume workdays. Any damage to their tires or mechanical inner workings could cause them to be out of commission or in need of expensive repairs. Waiting on repairs or going without the service vehicles you need will negatively impact your productivity and cut into your bottom line. Running these types of machines on cracked or uneven concrete also poses a safety risk to your employees.

We value safe operations at Intech Anchoring and are always ready to assist in making your work environment safer to operate in for everyone. You should look at our floor repair products as a long-term investment in the productivity and safety of your workforce. The products we offer are not temporary fixes. From a structural standpoint, your repaired concrete surfaces will be even stronger than they were before. Our team will ensure that your industrial commercial concrete surfaces will hold up to the test of time and the rigors of your daily operations. We even offer the professional assistance of our team members who will be onsite to make sure the products are used correctly and the project is completed properly.

Industrial Concrete Floor Repair Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Cracks or breaks in your concrete floors or other surfaces are going to negatively affect your building’s ability to retain heat or cold. Gaps in your concrete allow air to flow freely out of your building and will make your work environment more vulnerable to the elements. They are part of the insulation of your building and waiting to repair cracks will only allow the problem to go on longer and cost your business more money in heating and cooling throughout the year. Another benefit of concrete repair and restoration is that it is less expensive than a complete replacement. You can repair or seal those cracks causing you problems for significantly less than it would be to replace your entire floor or other surfaces. We have the skill to tailor the diverse library of products we supply to the project that you need completed. For structural cracks that are allowing air and moisture to escape, we have crack repair injections that push away water and protect the interior space from water, air, and pests.

Professional Concrete Repair and Restoration With Intech Anchoring

When you reach out to Intech Anchoring, you can trust that we will recommend the best product for your project. We work with many manufacturers and leading brands, but our first loyalty is to the customer and the needs of their project. You can come to us for everything from structural crack repair to commercial concrete resurfacing, and our team of experts will put together a targeted recommendation for you. From there, we follow it up with unsurpassed customer support from the beginning to the end of your repairs. We have a full-time staff of engineers who work every day to help customers overcome their hurdles and complete their projects on time. We approach every challenge with field-tested solutions and expertise built over years of experience in our industry. To learn more about the concrete repair and restoration products we supply, contact Intech Anchoring today.

Tim Comb


Tim is the President of Intech Anchoring and has 25 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Geostructural Industry. Tim has developed extensive industry knowledge by working to support the needs of specialty contractors at each and every business level. Tim’s diverse industry background has given him exposure to a wide variety civil construction projects, ranging from the simplest residential applications to the most complex commercial and industrial projects. Coupled with a highly skilled and educated team, Tim focuses on providing the highest quality products and solutions to Intech Anchoring’s customers in order to consistently exceed expectations.