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Micropiles for Commercial Use

There are many different construction techniques for building a foundation. One method used by Intech Anchoring is the micropile. What is a Micropile? Micropiles are also called minipiles. They are elements of a building’s foundation found deep in the ground. They are made using very strong, small steel casings or threaded bars. The casing is […]

An Overview of Load Testing

“Load testing” is a phrase that applies to both the physical and the technological worlds. Intech Anchoring provides load testing with commercial construction projects. What is Load Testing? Load testing is basically a stress test. Many kinds of machinery and engines must be load tested to ensure they properly perform their functions before being released […]

Earth Retention Systems & Commercial Applications

What was once a relatively simple method of temporarily shoring for excavation has evolved into a form of sophisticated subterranean reinforcement for long-term stabilization. Earth retention technology, as it’s known in the industry, uses special equipment, specific techniques, and knowledge of soil composition and structure to keep earth from moving or sliding.

Engineering Support from Product Distributors

When you choose to partner with a distributor or supplier, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. While you certainly want high quality products and supplies, there is much more to the search process. You should look for a distributor that backs their products with first-class engineering support. Are you getting that […]

Which One to Choose: Hollow Bar Micropiling or Solid Bar?

A micropile is a top-down operation using a single metal bar with a cement grout mixture to create a strong foundation for buildings or earth retention. Micropiles are small in diameter, ranging from a single inch to less than five, and are drilled into the ground and grouted with cement. A micropile is typically reinforced […]

Magnacore Self Drilling Anchors

Soil conditions can often make installation of conventional micropiles a challenge. Self-drilling anchors utilize a system of hollow bar injection-bore micropiles. Use of Intech Anchoring’s self-drilling anchor varies depending on the worksite, ground conditions, and size of the job. Project scope will determine which rig is appropriate for use. Voids, or the presence of underground […]

Helical Pulldown Micropiles for Deep Foundations

Setting a deep foundation for a commercial building, telecommunications pole, or other hefty structure? Need to underpin an existing foundation in a reliable manner? You need Helical Pulldown Micropiles. Helical Pulldown Micropiles serve as a grout column, sent deep into the surrounding earth to encapsulate helical piles. Helical Pulldown Micropiles anchor your structure to reverse […]

Choosing the Best Civil Engineering Companies

Hiring the most elite team of civil engineers to complete your project may be easier said than done, but don’t fret. There are many valuable qualities and features to consider when searching for the best civil engineering company in your area. Consider the following points when considering whom you will be hiring on a commercial […]