Boardwalk Stabilization & Tiebacks

Intech Anchoring Systems was recently called upon by one of our installation partners to assist them with the pile selection and design for helical piles at a boardwalk project. 

Intech’s engineering team recommended the use of CHANCE helical piles and tieback anchors to stabilize the foundation of this boardwalk.

Let’s take a look at the solutions we provided and see how Intech can help with your next project.

How Intech Assisted with the Project

This installation partner Intech has worked with before encountered challenging soil conditions during the construction of this boardwalk. Intech supplied the CHANCE helical piles to stabilize the structure in addition to working with CHANCE engineers to customize a boardwalk bracket incorporating tieback connections. CHANCE manufactured the brackets with a thicker mounting tab to accommodate a higher tieback than normal.  In addition CHANCE installed 90-degree rotation ability on half of the brackets, which allowed the tieback to function in four different directions. The overall design was a collaborative effort between the engineers at CHANCE and Intech Anchoring which incorporated both vertical and horizontal helical anchors for support of this boardwalk.

Were Any Problems Encountered During Installation?

Our installation partner ran into some undocumented rock that impacted some material during installation. They removed the obstructions in these isolated areas to create the necessary space to install successful piles. An oversite in the geotechnical report provided by the end-user, forced our installation partner to excavate deeper than initially anticipated, but the overall objective was accomplished in the end.

The Results

The project was a success for everyone involved. With help from Intech Anchorings engineering team, our partner was able to complete their second boardwalk project. Intech provided the engineering, ensuring the CHANCE helical materials, supplied by Intech Anchoring, were made to the correct specifications and delivered on time.

CHANCE Helical Piles FAQ

What Are Helical Piles Used For?

CHANCE helical piles are optimal for stabilizing foundations or increasing load capacity  of an existing structure. Helical piles can be retrofitted onto an already existing structure or used in new foundation construction.

What Advantages Do Helical Piles Offer?

CHANCE helical piles offer an array of advantages. They can be installed in a short amount of time and don’t require heavy equipment or the need of concrete, making them cost efficient. Helical piles also require limited excavation before installation and can be used in restricted areas such as wet lands or contaminated sites. Helical piles also can be installed and immediately loaded and therefor speeding up the construction project.

What is the Helical Pile Installation Process?

Piles are installed using a rotary drive head motor attached to a skid steer or mini-excavator for most applications. Installation consists of installing the lead section with helical plates to screw or advance the pile to depth. Extensions are then used to advance the pile to the necessary depth required to reach suitable soil. The load of the structure is transferred to the anchor, which is then transferred to stable strata below the surface. Helical piles can be used for both new construction projects or to retrofit an existing structure.

Why Use Intech for Your Helical Pile Supply Needs?

Finding the right distributor of your project supplies can be just as important as finding the right manufacturer. Having a comprehensive understanding of the design requirements and the ability to help guide in the pile selection process can make all the difference for the installing contractor. With large inventories on hand, Intech offers rapid delivery for the products you need. Begin your next project by reaching out to Intech Anchoring to see how we can assist you from start to finish so your project is ensured to be a success.

The Intech Impact

Intech Anchoring Systems has offered geostructural engineering solutions to commercial, residential, and industrial contractors for 20+ years. Our sales staff, along with our engineering, material warehouse, and distribution teams, are all dedicated to improving your construction experience. Intech provides every partner with superior technical support and expert product search assistance. We’re fully prepared to supply the products you need for your next project.

At Intech, we focus on building strong relationships with our installation partners. The services we offer reach far beyond consultation, including:

  • Installation training
  • Field training and Certification
  • Site visits
  • Design drawings and Technical support
  • Engineering support
  • Lunch-and-learn presentation for continued professional development

We help you accomplish your goals on time and within your budget. Contact Intech Anchoring Systems today to see how we can supply the necessary products for your next project.

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