College Campus – Helical Underpinning

Intech Anchoring Systems recently was asked to assist an installation partner that needed help underpinning a currently existing structure on a college campus. Read about how Intech was able to help with the problem by offering a unique solution featuring a custom-made tool.

The Problem

There is no single deep foundation system that can call itself the perfect fit for every situation. Soil conditions and access limitations can alter the needs of any project, and finding the right product requires recommendations from professional experts like the engineering team at Intech Anchoring. Some of the most challenging sites involve underground obstructions like construction debris, boulders, and areas of collapsing earth. When you encounter these conditions, micropiles are often the best option.

A construction partner needed to excavate dirt from under an existing building that was undergoing renovations. This partner lacked experience with underpinning a structure and needed additional guidance. Uncertain how to properly underpin the building with these challenging conditions, they reached out to Intech Anchoring Systems to assist.

The Solution

A tricky problem required a unique solution, and Intech was up to the challenge! We developed a tieback connection using a steel plate bolted to an underpinning bracket which connected the vertical and horizontal element together in support of the structure. and the helical pile. This custom engineered uplift restraint bracket required four anchor bolts fixed to the foundation to resist the tension loads. Our Installation Partner installed the pile diagonally to support the building during the excavation process. Our innovative design required one pile to stabilize the structure, minimizing installation time and limiting costs.

Were Any Delays Encountered?

Working with the engineers at AB CHANCE, Intech designed, and procured the materials for this custom underpinning tieback installation without the Installation Partner encountering any delays.

Was the Partner Satisfied?

The partner was very satisfied with Intech’s solution and their installation was a success. Our innovative solution kept their project on schedule.

Helical Tieback Anchor FAQ

What Are Helical Tieback Anchors?

Tieback anchors are installed horizontally or at a batter to resist lateral forces.  Tiebacks are most commonly used to provide added support for foundations, or earth-shoring walls.

How Are Helical Tieback Anchors Used?

There are three main uses for tiebacks. They are used to:

Stabilize Structures

Tiebacks can provide support to retaining walls and help resist lateral or horizontal loads.

Reinforce Foundations

Tieback anchors can be incorporated and attached to underpinning brackets to assist with lateral support of the building’s foundation when excessive excavation is required. The tieback anchors are inserted horizontally at a particular batter or angle then connected to the underpinning bracket and the vertical element.

Secure Structures

Tiebacks are strong enough to reach adequate depths required to achieve stable strata or soil to carry the structures load.  Regardless of the soil profile, Intech Anchoring can work with you to determine the proper solution for you projects needs.

How Are Tieback Anchors Installed?

Tieback helical anchors are rotated or screwed into the ground with rotary drilling equipment. The capacity is determined by reading the installation torque measured during the installation process. Each anchor has a maximum capacity depending on the size and strength of the material.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tieback Anchors?

Tieback anchors are a popular choice among contractors because they offer a variety of advantages.

Long Term Solutions

Tieback anchors are proven to stand the test of time.  Quality tested, galvanized for corrosion protection, and building code approved are just a few reasons to trust the products supplied by Intech Anchoring Systems.

Limited Excavation

Tieback anchors can be installed through an existing wall to tieback the wall with minimal soil excavation required in most situations.

Offer Immediate Loading Capacities

Helical tiebacks are installed with the ability to measure installation pressures.  Those pressures can be easily correlated to  torque to immediately know the capacity of the tieback anchor.

What Brands of Tiebacks Does Intech Recommend?

Intech strives to offer the best selection of Tieback products for our partners. The soil conditions will determine the recommendation on the type of tieback we suggest; Intech provides tieback anchors that work great in soil and tieback anchors that excel when rock is anticipated.


Offering a tieback system that is capable of being installed in challenging sub-grade conditions, Magnacore’s hollowbar tieback system is capable of penetrating all types of rock and debris. Magnacore systems have high production abilities and offer time and cost savings because of their efficient installation.


When anchoring into soil, there is no better solution than CHANCE helical tiebacks and anchors. Originally used primarily in the electrical industry, CHANCE tieback anchors have been adopted in civil construction because of their versatility. Intech has worked with CHANCE tiebacks for over 20 years and understand their many installation benefits.

Why Use Intech as Your Supplier?

Intech Anchoring has warehouse locations in St. Louis and Detroit and offers large inventory quantities ready for immediate shipment. Intech provides a full-service partnership that stretches beyond the delivery of products. We can assist with design and submittal support, and field training on the products we deliver. Our team members are available for on-site visits to ensure that the tools we supply are working correctly. Contact Intech today and see the difference we make for all of our partners.

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Tim Comb


Tim is the President of Intech Anchoring and has 25 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Geostructural Industry. Tim has developed extensive industry knowledge by working to support the needs of specialty contractors at each and every business level. Tim’s diverse industry background has given him exposure to a wide variety civil construction projects, ranging from the simplest residential applications to the most complex commercial and industrial projects. Coupled with a highly skilled and educated team, Tim focuses on providing the highest quality products and solutions to Intech Anchoring’s customers in order to consistently exceed expectations.