Field of Dreams Drainage System

Intech was tasked with supplying the drainage system for an Iowa baseball field in preparation for a game between the Yankees and the White Sox. The game was scheduled to be played on the site where Field of Dreams was filmed, giving Intech a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Opportunity

A general contractor called Intech to assist in the field design. One of our top experts, Jim Surrell, visited the location to properly gauge the field size. The general contractor provided a drainage design, and our team of professionals made the necessary modifications. The game was going to be broadcast nationally, and the field needed to meet high standards.

The Solution

Intech recommended and provided the Hydraway Drainage System. Hydraway has a highly respected reputation as the top drainage system available. We supplied over 12,000 feet of Hydraway for the field, nearly double what’s typically required for a baseball field. The drainage system was placed 12 inches below the turf to allow peak performance. Jim specified a percolation rate of 18 to 28 inches per hour, meaning the field could drain three inches of water without causing a delay an hour before the game.

The Results

There was no rain during the game, but Intech’s drainage system prepared the field to handle a significant amount of precipitation. On a side note, the field received 2.5” the evening before and the field crew was able to mow the field on the morning of the game.

The Hydraway Drainage System FAQ

What Is the Hydraway Drainage System?

Intech Anchoring manufactures the Hydraway Drainage System, a system that allows water to rapidly exit the field on all sides. By draining water quickly, Hydraway avoids the issues that arise when rainwater accumulates on a playing surface.

What Are the System Components?​


Hydraway is a flat strip drain solution that lasts longer and performs better than competing drainage systems. We manufacture Hydraway with a needle-punched geotextile high flow fabric that allows water to flow into a thermally bonded plastic structure. Hydraway resists clogging better than perforated drainage systems and maintains flow rates over time. There has never been a reported failure of Hydraway when installed correctly.

Why Hydraway Is Better Than Traditional Drainage Systems

The Hydraway Drainage System performs better than traditional drainage systems in the following ways:


Traditional System

Most traditional systems are difficult to install and require a significant amount of digging.


Hydraway piping features zero coil memory and lies completely flat, significantly reducing installation time.

Drainage Speed

Traditional System

Most traditional systems only offer inflow rates of 4%. This creates a minimal space for water intake and slows drainage speeds.


The Hydraway system is open on all four sides and provides an 85% inflow rate. A higher inflow rate limits water backup and promotes quicker drainage for your athletic field.


Traditional System

Traditional systems clog easily with dirt and debris, leading to water building, flooding, and system failure.


Hydraway’s system prevents dirt and silt particles from entering the system. Our built-in clog prevention means your system always works at full capacity.

Fail Rate

Traditional System

The structural integrity of a traditional system weakens over time and eventually requires expensive repairs.


The Hydraway Drainage System is built to last. Our systems feature a 0% fail rate when properly installed.

Why Use Intech’s Hydraway Drainage System on Your Fields?

Poorly drained fields look sloppy and can lead to player injuries. Installing the Hydraway Drainage System ensures your field is in peak playing condition and prevents injuries. Intech has years of experience manufacturing drainage systems. We provide a competitive edge by offering superior support and always having inventory ready to ship. Contact Intech today, and you’ll see why the one constant through all the years has been our drainage solutions.

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