Funeral Home Slope Stabilization

We recently provided AB CHANCE construction piles to a contractor working on a slope stabilization project for a funeral home. Let’s look at what we provided and how it improved the project.

The Problem

The funeral home needed to stabilize the ground around its existing foundation to prevent slope failure from harming the structure. The slope was not steep, but significant enough that the soil could potentially damage the foundation if left unchecked. They needed a slope stabilization method that would keep the soil in place around the building.

Our Solution

We provided 39 round-shaft construction piles, which the contractor installed around the building. The piles went 90 feet below the ground to keep the soil stable. One of our team members engineered this solution with the contractor to ensure it worked appropriately for the building and the soil around it. This project took several months to complete, and we worked with the contractor through every step of it.

The Results

The project passed two load tests, proving that the solution worked. The contractor needed 10-foot extensions to complete the installation, and we gave them a quick-attach drive tool free of charge to add the extensions to the piles. This tool improved the installation process, and the funeral home’s owner was happy with the project.

Slope Stabilization FAQ

What is slope stabilization?

Slope stabilization is the process of mechanically stabilizing soil or rock to keep it from sliding down into a building or its foundation.

What are some examples of slope stabilization techniques?

Retaining walls are one type of slope stabilization technique. They hold back soil on steep slopes to make way for a building, parking lot, highway, or other construction project. Products such as tieback anchors, soil nails, and ground screws hold the soil or rock slope in place behind the retaining wall to prevent slope failure from occurring. The piles described above are another slope stabilization method. The slope in this case wasn’t high enough to require a retaining wall or its stabilization components. Instead, the piles anchored the soil around the funeral home in place to prevent it from sliding into the building’s foundation and causing damage, such as cracks and fissures or water damage from the water in the soil.

When is each slope stabilization technique necessary?

Each technique mentioned can be used under certain circumstances. The piles we used for the funeral home project work best for slight slopes around building foundations. Soil nails work well in vertical cuts into steep slopes, and they can be screwed or grouted into the ground. They can work with retaining walls or other slope stabilization systems, such as systems for landslide remediation. Ground screws have central steel shafts welded to helical end-bearing plates. They work well in the same situations as soil nails, but they also suit retaining wall repair and reconstruction projects. Tieback anchors are different from the other stabilization products listed here because they work horizontally instead of vertically. Contractors install them in segments. These anchors work best with retaining walls, seawalls, shoring projects, and projects in areas with limited access.

Does Intech Anchoring provide these stabilization products?

Yes, we do. We provide these products to contractors, who install them on the customers’ project sites.

Do Intech’s products work for short- or long-term projects?

They work for both temporary and permanent projects, so they work for short- and long-term situations.

Does Intech provide any services to contractors?

We provide support services to help contractors develop the right solutions for their customers. For example, we mentioned above that one of our team members engineered the pile solution for the funeral home project. That engineering assistance falls under our support services that we offer along with our products.

Why Partner With Intech Anchoring?

When you partner with us for your construction projects, we provide top-quality customer service along with our products and support services. We also provide products from industry-leading brands, including AB Chance and Magnacore. Overall, we work to deliver top-quality anchoring products that help your project last as long as it needs to, whether that’s a few months or many years. Reach out to us today to begin using our products and support services for your next construction project.

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