Golf Course Bridge Support

Intech provided helical piles to our partner for a golf course bridge project. Here is how that project unfolded.

The Problem

A golf course needed a way to support seven bridges effectively during and after installation. The solution had to be a load bearing, and it had to support the golf carts and foot traffic that traveled across these bridges.

Our Solution

Our partner installed CHANCE helical piles beneath the seven bridges to support them. The helical piles had boardwalk brackets that connected them from the bridges to the course’s walkways. The project contractor marked where the piles would go before installing the piles and bridges. Once they marked the piles’ and bridges’ locations, they began screwing the helical piles into the ground before putting the bridges in place above them.

Two of our team members designed the solution the contractor used to meet the course’s requirements and support the bridges and walkways. The course’s contractor installed the piles on time and in the project’s budget.

The Results

The bridges are a solid addition to the golf course. The helical piles support the bridges and their connections to the walkways and carry golf carts throughout the course efficiently and effectively. This was the project contractor’s first time using our products, and they were extremely satisfied with the results the helical piles provided.

Helical Piles FAQ

What applications do helical piles have?

Helical piles stabilize and lift new foundations or retrofit existing foundations to increase their load capacity. Contractors install them beneath load-bearing walls and structures. In this case, they stabilized the seven bridges on the golf course, so they could carry golf carts and foot traffic.

What are the benefits of installing helical piles in foundations?

They increase a foundation’s load-bearing capacity, so it can support a heavy structure or lots of movement above it. Helical piles also have quick installation processes and don’t require heavy equipment for installation. They also need only limited excavation during the installation process, and they work well in limited-access areas.

What does the helical pile installation process involve?

When contractors install CHANCE helical piles, they excavate a hole wide and deep enough to place a pile beneath the foundation. They do this for each pile placed throughout the foundation. Then they install the piles with a rotary machine and use extensions to help the piles reach the appropriate depth for the foundation’s support needs.

Why Get Your Helical Piles From Intech Anchoring?

It’s a great idea to get your helical piles from Intech Anchoring because we do more than simply supply civil construction products. We design and provide geostructural engineering solutions that we customize to meet your foundation’s needs. For example, if you order a CHANCE helical pier system from us, but part of it doesn’t fit your project requirements, our engineering team can customize it to meet those requirements.

What Does Intech Provide When You Work With Us?

We offer the following support services and components to you when you partner with us:

  • Online catalog with quick and accurate product quotes
  • Preliminary design support from our engineering team
  • Technical product support
  • Field certifications
  • Load testing support
  • Marketing support
  • Installation equipment sales and rental

These support services and products help you install CHANCE helical piles and the other products we offer.

Why Do We Provide Support Services and Products?

We offer support to contractors because we understand that no two construction projects are alike. The services and products we provide help you use the products we distribute effectively. We modify the helical pile systems as needed and make sure they support your project’s loads. We can also supply the installation equipment you need to complete your project.

Install Helical Piles For Your Next Project With Intech Anchoring

If your next project requires a helical pile system, reach out to us today. We can provide the system and help you navigate its installation according to your project requirements. You can also come back to us any time you need geostructural engineering solutions for foundations, retaining walls, and other supporting structures. Let us know what your project needs are, and we can provide the engineering products and support services you’re looking for.

Tim Comb


Tim is the President of Intech Anchoring and has 25 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Geostructural Industry. Tim has developed extensive industry knowledge by working to support the needs of specialty contractors at each and every business level. Tim’s diverse industry background has given him exposure to a wide variety civil construction projects, ranging from the simplest residential applications to the most complex commercial and industrial projects. Coupled with a highly skilled and educated team, Tim focuses on providing the highest quality products and solutions to Intech Anchoring’s customers in order to consistently exceed expectations.