Health Tower Reinforcement SS150 Tiebacks

Intech provided tieback anchors to a partner to reinforce the excavation needed for foundation walls of a health tower. Read more about how Intech streamlined the installation process and how we can help with your next ground improvement project.

The Problem

A partner reached out to Intech to supply SS150 tiebacks to reinforce the retaining walls structure needed for a new foundation for a new health tower.

The Solution

What was initially scheduled to be a quick project ended up requiring several redesigns. Intech worked with engineers from three different companies to complete a final design and organize material delivery.

The Results

Thanks to Intech’s increased inventory, we were able to supply the necessary tiebacks and bolt-on helices to complete the project. We packed, unpacked, repacked, and shipped items multiple times on short notice.

Was the Partner Satisfied?

Our partner was extremely satisfied with our service and plans to work with us again.

Tieback Anchors FAQ

What Are Tieback Anchors?

Tieback anchors are earth retention anchoring systems used to reinforce the retaining walls of permanent and temporary structures.

What Are the Advantages of Tieback Anchors?

Tieback anchors can be installed in limited access areas and don’t require the use of grout or concrete. Other advantages include:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Predictable capacity
  • Minimal labor costs

How Are Tieback Anchors Installed?

Tieback anchors are drilled into retained soil with hydraulic rotary drilling equipment. Once minimum depth is obtained, the capacity is determined by reading the installation torque and comparing it to the holding capacity of the soil. The anchors are tensioned and tested once the necessary capacity is reached. Testing is done without curing time or spoils cleanup, reducing installation time and labor costs.

What Projects Require Tieback Anchors?

Tiebacks are an ideal solution to support bowed or titled foundations and retaining walls. Projects that use tieback anchors include:

  • Seawalls
  • Shoring
  • Slope stabilization
  • Earth retention
  • Sheet piling
  • Retaining walls

What Tieback Products Are Offered by Intech?

Intech supplies the best tieback anchors available. Our products save time and money because of their ease of use and quick installation. The tieback anchor companies we’ve partnered with include:


Magnacore tieback anchors are made from hollow, threaded steel bars and reinforce retaining walls for stability.

Magnacore tieback anchors save time and money because they offer efficient, all-in-one installation. Some of the features of Magnacore anchors include:

  • Ideal for unyielding ground conditions
  • Combine drilling, placing, and grouting in one step
  • Immediate load capacity

A.B. CHANCE Helical Anchors

CHANCE Helical Anchors are made with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. CHANCE anchors extend bearing plates through soft, loose, or expansive soils into more stable strata with limited disturbance. Some of the benefits of CHANCE anchors include:

  • High production capabilities
  • Minimal displacement of soil
  • Immediate load capacity
  • Easily installed in restricted access areas

CHANCE Helical Anchors have been used for decades because they have a proven track record of reliability and predictable performance.

What Other Earth Retention Systems Does Intech Offer?

Along with tieback anchors, Intech also offers the following retention systems

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is ideal for soft soil that’s prone to landslides. The steel bars prevent the soil from sliding out of place.

Ground Screws

Ground screws consist of helical end-bearing plates and are drilled into lateral walls for support.

Let Intech Help You With Your Next Ground Improvement Project

Intech has been an industry leader in supplying tieback anchors and other ground improvement solutions for over 20 years. Along with our selection of high-quality products, we also offer our clients support throughout the project, including:

Project Design

Our full-time engineering staff provides valuable support to our clients. Our innovative software programs bring design theory to practical field application.

On-Site Support

We give our clients a competitive edge by providing superior on-site support. Our licensed engineering staff is always available to help.

Installation Training

We understand the importance of quality assurance. That’s why we offer our customers engineering guidance, field consultation, and installation training. Safety is a priority at Intech, and we’ll make sure proper training is complete before the project begins.

Contact Intech today if your next project requires earth retention solutions.

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Contact Intech Anchoring for a Quote

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