Intech Anchoring Systems recently helped a partner improve a soil’s bearing capacity before constructing a lake house. Read more about the solution we provided and other ground improvement solutions we offer.

The Problem

One of our partners encountered soil bearing issues while constructing a new lake house. They needed to stabilize the ground to prevent future slope failure from damaging the structure. A slope stabilization solution that would strengthen the soil around the house was needed.

Our Solution

We provided 58 helical piles for the contractor to install around the lake house. One of our team members oversaw product delivery while another helped plan the locations of the piles.

The Results

With our help, the partner was able to install the helical piles easily. They were pleased with Intech’s involvement in the project and able to keep the construction of the lake house on schedule and within budget.

CHANCE Helical Piles and Anchoring Systems FAQ

What Separates CHANCE From Other Companies?

CHANCE has been an international leader in earth anchoring solutions since 1912 and is the oldest, largest, and most experienced foundations specialist in the U.S. Their diverse product line is cost effective, well recognized, and customizable, and all of their products meet industry standards.

What Are the Applications of CHANCE Products?

The CHANCE product line is perfect for the following applications:
  • Foundation underpinning
  • Piling systems
  • Tieback anchors
  • Soil and ground screws
  • Earth retention systems
  • New construction
  • Foundation repair

What CHANCE Products Does Intech Offer?

Intech offers a variety of CHANCE products, including:

CHANCE Helical Anchors

While CHANCE helical anchors have been used as the primary anchor solution for the electric transmission industry since the 1960s, they’re seeing increased popularity in civil construction applications because of their versatility and cost effectiveness. Helical anchors are commonly used as an earth anchoring solution because they offer quick installation and immediate load testing. Other benefits of helical anchors include:
  • High production capabilities
  • Minimal soil displacement during installation
  • No spoil removal required
  • Easy installation in limited access areas
Helical anchors resist tensile loading and are installed by segmenting the anchor with breaking plates and a central steel square shaft. This shaft strengthens the ground by transferring the load from the soil to the bearing plates. The system capacity reaches up to 55,000 pounds per anchor, and there’s minimal soil disturbance because the anchors are screwed into the ground.

CHANCE Helical Piles

CHANCE helical piles are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial building foundations. They’re an economical solution to underpinning systems by transferring load weight to bearing places in stable soil. Helical piles are an ideal solution for stabilizing foundations and offer the following advantages:
  • It doesn’t require heavy equipment
  • Quick installation
  • Limited excavation
  • Low-access installation
Helical piles are installed by excavating a small hole at each pile location and using a rotary machine to drill the anchors into the soil. Extensions are added to the anchor until the appropriate depth and torque are achieved. The installer then attaches a bracket to the pile and transfers the load to the anchor, stabilizing the foundation beneath a building.

CHANCE Helical Piers

CHANCE helical piers secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, and other deep foundation structures. Some of the advantages of using helical piers include:
  • Turnkey installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t require concrete
  • They’re installed in any weather
Helical piers feature a simple mechanical design that balances the capacities of the major components, including:
Steel bearing plates are formed into a helical shape that minimizes soil disturbance during installation. The helical bearing plates transfer the load to the soil bearing stratum located deep below the ground surface.
Central Shaft
The central shaft transmits torque to the helical plates during installation. The shaft must have the structural capacity and resistance to withstand the applied stresses from the structure.
The termination transfers the load down the shaft through the plates and into the bearing soil by connecting the structure to the pile’s top. The termination may be a manufacturing bracket or a separate attachment manufactured on-site as designed by an engineer.

CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropiles

CHANCE helical pulldown micropiles are a system for constructing grout columns around a steel shaft. They combine the end bearing of a helical plate and skin friction along the grout column to provide a higher bearing capacity. Micropiles are ideal for bridges, weak soil sites, and new construction and offer the following benefits:
  • Quick installation
  • No pre-drilling
  • Predictable results
  • Requires a limited workforce
Micropiles are installed by placing helical piles into the soil and applying torque to the shaft. Drilling extensions create a cylindrical void around the shaft into the pile, and grout fills the void surrounding the shaft.

Why Use Intech As Your Supplier of CHANCE Products?

While CHANCE is one of the most trusted earth anchoring product manufacturers on the market, that doesn’t help you if you don’t partner with a trusted supplier. Intech Anchoring has the expert knowledge to recommend the right solution and deliver the tools to your site on time.

Let Intech Anchoring Systems Supply Your Ground Improvement Solutions

Intech has been supplying ground improvement solutions to commercial, residential, and industrial contractors for over 20 years. When you partner with Intech, you receive an exceptional level of customer service and convenience that’s unique for the construction industry. We offer our partners a competitive edge with superior technical support and competitive pricing, and our fully stocked inventory of products means we always have material ready to ship. Contact Intech today to learn more about our industry-leading ground improvement products.

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