Residential Yard Drainage

A residential yard drainage project by an Intech partner was recently completed in Missouri. Let’s look at how the project unfolded to better understand how our drainage system protects residential homes.

The Homeowner’s Problem

The homeowner’s yard was receiving rain runoff from three neighboring yards. Why is that a problem? If the homeowner’s yard receives more rain runoff than it can handle, it can become oversaturated. All the excess water in the yard can damage the house’s foundation and the yard itself. They needed a way to drain the excess water from their yard without forcing it into another neighbor’s yard.

Our Solution

The Hydraway drainage system was used to drain the excess rainwater out of the yard and into the street. Once the water drained into the street, it flowed into the nearest storm sewer. The drainage system removed the rainwater so it didn’t damage the yard or the house’s foundation.

The Results

The Hydraway drainage system drained the water from the yard into the street. The homeowner no longer had to deal with a saturated yard after a rainstorm, and the house’s foundation stayed safe. Now the yard doesn’t have drainage problems.

Residential Drainage FAQs

What types of residential drainage solutions does Intech Anchoring offer?

We offer contractors a range of residential drainage solutions. These solutions include basement waterproofing systems, basement moisture barriers, crawl space waterproofing, crawl space liners, and sump pump drainage systems to contractors to install.

Which Hydraway product do we use most often for residential installations?

The Hydraway Drainage System is used in residential homes across the United States to drain excess water away.

Do Intech’s drainage solutions ever involve multiple products?

Yes, they do. For example in a crawl space or basement the Hydraway Drainage System can be combined with a sump pump. We also provide moisture barrier/encapsulation systems to contractors which increases the crawl space’s protection from invasive water and moisture.

How does Intech distribute its drainage systems to customers?

We distribute our drainage systems to residential contractors, who implement them in and around residential homes.

Why use Intech’s residential drainage systems?

Our Hydraway systems and products have the flexibility to adapt to different soils and drainage conditions. We adapt Hydraway to meet our customers’ drainage system needs, and our products drain water and moisture more quickly than traditional drainage systems do. For example, our basement waterproofing systems remove water 70% more quickly than traditional systems. Similarly, our crawl space waterproofing systems keep the moisture in your crawl spaces below 50%. Overall, we use high-quality drainage products to create systems that work hard to keep water and moisture out of homes.

Why does drainage matter for residential homes?

If water and moisture don’t drain out your home’s foundation, basement, and crawl spaces, they can cause major problems. For instance, water can seep into a home’s foundation and cause cracks and crevasses that threaten the entire home’s structural stability

Partner With Intech Anchoring Today

When you partner with Intech, you offer your customers flexible drainage systems that protect their homes and yards. We stand by you as you install our systems in your customers’ homes. How? We show up to your project sites as needed to assist you with system installations. Our support ensures that your customers’ homes have drainage systems that work properly for years to come.

Contractors have installed our systems around the world and used them for many different applications. Let us help you serve your customers with residential drainage systems that drain more water and moisture than traditional systems. We’ve put years of knowledge and experience into our systems, and now you can take advantage of all that. Since we’ve perfected our systems designs, all you need to do is implement them in and around your customers’ homes.

If you want to offer our residential drainage systems to your customers, reach out to us. We design drainage systems that contractors can implement efficiently and effectively so their customers reap the systems’ benefits as soon as possible. Become one of our partners today to offer your customers those benefits for their homes and yards.

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