River Boardwalk Stabilization – Helical Piles

We recently supplied helical piles to stabilize a boardwalk. Read more about the challenges we faced and the solutions Intech provided.

The Problem

The bracing on a 50-year-old boardwalk was at risk of collapsing into a river. Local engineers called Intech to stabilize the structure. Another challenge was that the project needed to be completed in one day, because the water level in the river was scheduled to be raised.

Intech’s Solution

We supplied multiple RS4500 helical piles to local engineers which were installed 40 feet above the river. We decided that helical piles were the right solution because they offer proper structure stabilization with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Our professionals stayed on-site throughout the project and kept city officials up to date on the progress.

The Results

We were able to stabilize the boardwalk’s foundation within the required time frame. The on-site presence of our professionals allowed for seamless project completion.

Was the Client Satisfied?

Our client was very satisfied with the results. Our rapid response and cost-effective solutions will keep the boardwalk in working condition for the foreseeable future.

Helical Piles FAQ

What Are Helical Piles?

A helical pile is a foundation system that consists of round steel shafts attached with helical bearing plates. Helical piles are an ideal and cost-effective solution for stabilizing foundations and increasing load capacity.

What Are the Advantages of Helical Piles?

A helical pile is a foundation system that consists of round steel shafts attached with helical bearing plates. Helical piles are an ideal and cost-effective solution for stabilizing foundations and increasing load capacity.

Helical piles can be used to support an existing structure or in new construction. Some of the other benefits of using helical piles are that they:

  • Don’t require heavy equipment
  • Offer quick installation
  • Are a low-cost solution
  • Can be installed in limited-access areas
  • Require limited excavation

Why Are Helical Piles Used in Boardwalk Stabilization Projects?

Helical piles are an ideal solution for boardwalk repair because they offer the following benefits:

Limited Disturbance

Boardwalks are often located in environmentally sensitive areas. Helical piles are chemical-free and don’t require the use of preservatives.

Quick Installation

Helical piles are installed faster and quieter than other solutions. The lack of vibration during installation means less impact on the area wildlife.


Helical piles are made of galvanized steel and don’t rot. They offer a longer lifespan than other foundation repair solutions.

Why Are Helical Piles Used in Boardwalk Stabilization Projects?

An installer excavates a hole at each pile location that’s large enough to place a bracket under the foundation. The piles are positioned using a rotary installing machine, and extensions are placed to help them reach their appropriate depth. The load is then transferred to the anchor, which stabilizes the structure.

What Helical Piles Manufacturer Does Intech Supply?

Intech supplies helical piles produced by CHANCE. Since 1912, CHANCE has been the leader in earth anchoring systems. They’re the oldest, largest, and most experienced foundation specialist in the country. Their products are manufactured in Centralia, Missouri, and are approved by all national building code agencies. Other CHANCE products offered by Intech include:

Helical Anchors

CHANCE helical anchors have been used in the electric industry since the early 1960s. In recent years, their anchors have seen increased use in civil construction because of their versatility. Helical anchors provide instant load capacity and can be installed in areas with limited access.

Helical Piers

CHANCE manufactures helical piers that are technically superior and more cost efficient than other systems.

Helical Pulldown Micropiles

CHANCE’s helical micropiles offer the advantages of pre-engineered helical piles for higher load applications. Pulldown micropiles can be installed in any weather condition, and are a cost-effective solution that delivers predictable results.

Use Intech Anchoring Systems for Your Helical Pile Supply Needs

Intech has supplied commercial, residential, and industrial contractors with helical pile solutions for over 20 years. We provide a full-service partnership that extends beyond the delivery of products. Our professionals offer recommendations for the right products and on-location installation assistance. We give our customers an extra edge with superior technical support and a large inventory ready for shipment. Contact Intech Anchoring today to see how our expertise can help you complete your next project.

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