Winter Sports Park Zipline – Helical Piles & Tiebacks

The Problem

The zipline’s foundation wasn’t stable on its own because it was located on a slight slope in a wooded area. It needed helical piles and anchors and tieback anchors. Both of these products are drilled into the ground. Helical piles stabilize structure foundations, particularly in load-bearing areas. Tieback anchors stabilize and retain soils around foundations. The contractor needed these products to stabilize the slope where the zipline would be installed.

Our Solution

We provided CHANCE helical piles and anchors and Magnacore tieback anchors for the contractor. One of our engineers designed a solution that customized the piles and tieback anchors for this particular installation. The installation process went smoothly. Once the contractor installed the piles and tiebacks, they began building the zipline.

The Results

The contractor successfully built the zipline after installing the piles and tiebacks. They were satisfied with the results, and they kept the project on time and within its budget. One of their workers also attended one of our recent training sessions. This occurrence signals that the contractor is interested in learning about our products and using them in their future projects.

Helical Piles and Anchors FAQ

What do helical piles do?

Helical piles stabilize foundations and increase their load capacities. Contractors install them beneath load bearing walls and structures.

What do helical anchors do?

Helical anchors extend bearing plates through soft soils until they reach more solid soil or rock. Then they anchor in the rock or soil to stabilize the foundation above them.

What benefits do these helical products offer?

They both require no pre-drilling or heavy equipment to install. They’re also cost effective and work in limited-access areas. Additionally, they both have quick installation processes. Overall, our CHANCE helical piles and anchors provide engineering solutions that fit your project’s budget.

Tieback Anchors FAQ

What are Magnacore tiebacks?

Magnacore tieback anchors are hollow, threaded bars that are often 5 or 10 feet long. They work in any soil conditions and help stabilize slopes, foundations, and earth shoring walls, among other structures.

How are Magnacore tieback anchors installed?

Magnacore tiebacks combine drilling and grouting capabilities for an easy installation process. Contractors drill or screw tiebacks into the ground with very little additional equipment. The tiebacks can be drilled in any direction, and their hollow nature allows them to inject grout into the ground around them to keep the anchors in place.

Do tieback anchors have any alternate names?

Yes. Tiebacks are often called hollow bars in the construction industry.

Intech Installation Equipment FAQ

Does Intech sell or rent installation equipment?

We do both. We can sell the equipment to you or rent it out, depending on your needs.

What types of installation equipment does Intech provide?

We provide many types of equipment, including the following helical installation tools:
  • Helical drive head kits (20k, 12k, and portable)
  • Individual drive heads
  • Wireless torque indicators
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic power packs

Did this project require any of that installation equipment?

Yes. The zipline project needed wireless torque indicators to show the piles’ and anchors’ holding capacities after installation.

How can you tell which pieces of equipment will improve a project’s installation?

If you’re not sure which pieces of equipment fit your project’s installation needs, talk to our engineering team. They can help you determine which equipment suits your project. They can also customize the anchors or piles you install to fit the foundation and ground you’re working with.

Install Anchors and Piles With Intech Anchoring

If you need anchors, piles, and installation equipment for your next construction project, connect with us today. We have the products you need to complete your project. You can also use our support services to customize our products and receive assistance as you install the anchors and piles. We’re always here to help, and we want to help you deliver anchor and pile installations that meet your clients’ needs.

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