Which One to Choose: Hollow Bar Micropiling or Solid Bar?

Micropile Systems

A micropile is a top-down operation using a single metal bar with a cement grout mixture to create a strong foundation for buildings or earth retention. Micropiles are small in diameter, ranging from a single inch to less than five, and are drilled into the ground and grouted with cement. A micropile is typically reinforced and may incorporate a steel casing or central steel core reinforcement.

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Magnacore Self Drilling Anchors

magnacore self drilling anchorSoil conditions can often make installation of conventional micropiles a challenge. Self-drilling anchors utilize a system of hollow bar injection-bore micropiles. Use of Intech Anchoring’s self-drilling anchor varies depending on the worksite, ground conditions, and size of the job. Project scope will determine which rig is appropriate for use. Voids, or the presence of underground water, are not suitable for self-drilling anchors.

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Intech Anchoring Tiebacks

Tiebacks are an essential tool for reinforcing a building’s foundation, and to protecting the structural integrity of your home overall. A tieback is a helix-shaped reinforcement tool that can be drilled into a house’s foundation. It allows the weight to be transferred from the weak soil underneath to much stronger helical plates. The concept may be basic and simplistic, but there are several important uses for tiebacks. Consider the following:

• They can stabilize slopes: Inclines that are at risk of collapse or sliding can be strengthened with the use of tiebacks. In these cases, they are often used in conjunction with concrete walls as anchors. When it comes to stabilizing slopes, tiebacks can save lives by preventing tragedies such as large-scale landslides. Read more

Using Hollow Bar Micropiles in Challenging Conditions

self drilling anchorThough small in diameter, micropiles are incredibly strong. Designed to support loads in excess of 200 tons, they stabilize slopes, foundations, and structures at both shallow and deep depths. Because they can be installed in almost any subsurface, micropiles are one of the most popular and cost-effective support solutions. Installation is simple and rarely disrupts facility operations.

Advantages of Hollow Bar Systems – The Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA)

Hollow bar micropiles are designed specifically for soils unfavorable to open-hole drilling. In these environments, conventional micropiles aren’t good options, as the looser adjacent soils are subject to movement and instability. To deal with unyielding ground conditions, hollow micropiles offer an ideal anchor system where cement grout mix is injected through the hollow bar. This subsequently doubles as the drill string.
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