Landscape Drainage Materials

Landscape Drainage Materials


There are three primary types of landscape drainage systems. Depending on the type of drainage system you are working with, the landscape drainage materials will vary.

For French Drain Systems, which are rather common, the landscape drainage materials needed include: a standard PVC pipe, plastic perforated pipes, and/or metal pipes.

Another drainage system known as a Combination Filter Fabric  or Multi-flow Drainage system requires a different, unique set of landscape drainage materials. These landscape drainage materials include stacked perforated pipes wrapped in polypropylene filter fabric. This sort of drainage system helps prevent the passage of soil into the drainage system but in turn does not allow for high flow rates.

The final common form of landscape drainage is known as a Geotextile Fabric System. The landscape drainage materials needed for this system are a pipe system made of a non-woven geotextile fabric with a high density polyurethane core. This drainage system allows for a high flow rate.

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Contractors Choose Hydraway Drainage System

At Intech Anchoring, we offer an industry-leading drainage product: the Hydraway Drainage System. With a wide variety of uses, from sports turf and athletic fields to highways and runways, the Hydraway Drainage System is the preferred choice for both contractors and engineers because it offers speed, guaranteed results, and an economical drainage solution. Read on to learn more about why the Hydraway Drainage System is the best in the industry, how it can be used, and why you should choose Hydraway.

Hydraway Drainage System

There are many reasons why engineers choose the Hydraway Drainage System. First, Hydraway offers speed. The fastest drainage system in the industry, Hydraway has an inflow rate that is between 7-25 times greater than other systems at 80%. Hydraway is also high in compressive strength, and it is able to handle 11,000 lbs per ft2. In addition, the Hydraway Drainage System comes with guaranteed results. Hydraway has been used for over 25 years to effectively drain sports turf and athletic fields. Last but not least, Hydraway is a cost-effective solution, offering significant improvement over conventional drain-tile systems, such as the French drain.

The Hydraway Drainage system is the number one choice of engineers and contractors for a range of uses. Most commonly, Hydraway has been used on sports turf and athletic fields consisting of both natural and synthetic materials. Proper drainage allows these areas to experience less wear and tear. In addition, Hydraway has been used to drain highways and runways as well as golf courses. Finally, the Hydraway Drainage System has been used as a pond liner and a ventilation product for waterproof crawlspaces and basements.

Why Should You Use Hydraway?

Intech Anchoring has over 20 years of experience in both manufacturing and installing the superior Hydraway Drainage System. With a track record spanning more than 25 years, Hydraway has proven results that are long lasting, ensuring an economical solution that you can count on. Hydraway can provide your turf, field, or other space with drainage that lasts much longer than other systems on the market.

Furthermore, the Hydraway Drainage System comes with a “no-clog” guarantee. In contrast to systems that utilize metal or plastic materials for piping, Hydraway is created using a geotextile fabric that is incomparable in functionality. This fabric ensures that the Hydraway Drainage System will not clog like other systems. Last but not least, it provides you with security for your valuable investment. With Hydraway, you can ensure that your athletic fields are well-drained, which prevents deterioration.

Become An Installer

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