Intech Anchoring offers an elite product line to repair and reinforce damaged concrete structures. Applications include Concrete columns, walls, bridges, damns, and floor slabs; tilt-up, masonry, and basement walls; parking structures; and steel beams and tanks.

Utilizing a special carbon fiber technology, alongside epoxy and urethane injections, Intech Anchoring can provide you product that creates a system so strong, so safe, and so economical, that no other method can compete.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

The Intech Anchoring Carbonbond is a carbon fiber fabric used to strengthen structural elements. The fabric is composed of bi-directional carbon fibers that are field laminated using Intech Anchoring Epoxy.

Urethane Injection Systems

Urethane injection, also known as polyurethane or grout, is the most common way to seal and fill a crack in a home’s foundation. The popularity of urethane injection as a solution is due to its flexibility and versatility for a variety of applications, including commercial and residential foundation repair.

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy injections repair concrete by filling the crack with a combination of two components that when mixed work two ways – it seals the existing crack and welds the structure. This method cures and places a seal over the damage while preventing more moisture from getting in.