Importance of Highway Drainage

In road construction and maintenance, the three most important things to understand in building and maintaining roads are drainage, drainage, and drainage. Too often roadway drainage is ignored when building and maintaining local roads. When drainage is poor, the best efforts to rehabilitate or maintain roads will bring disappointing results. When water can be drained off of road surfaces and out of roadbed soils, the road will invariably become easier to maintain.

When a road is built over water-bearing soils or over natural springs which continually want to wick water upward toward the surface, the road is invariably weak and will perform poorly. It may be cost effective to consider installing either a “fabric,” technically known as a geotextile, to stabilize the road, or a perforated pipe to carry water out of the roadbed.

Road Drainage

The Hydraway Drainage System from Intech Anchoring can be used for a wide variety of civil applications where drainage is necessary. It can be used under airports, any paved surfaces such as highways and parking lots, planters, railroads, bridge abutments, and inlets.

DOT’s across the country have approved the Hydraway System for use in highway drainage because of its high compressive strength and ability to keep roadways clear from standing water.