Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete cracks are a common occurrence for concrete foundations. If you have found a concrete crack, it would be in your best interest to have a crack repair specialist take a look for no charge. Even a small crack can lead to bigger issues including damage to your foundation.

Hiring a professional to inspect your concrete cracks will ensure that a long-term solution can be implemented to prevent future foundation issues.

Common Concrete Cracks:

  • Horizontal cracks: indicate a buildup of exterior pressure on your foundation from water, hydrostatic pressure, or surrounding roots

  • Vertical cracks: less serious, but large ones indicate a settling problem

  • Stair step cracks: also show movement of the foundation


If you have found a common concrete crack, call Intech Anchoring today to set up a free inspection with one of our certified local expert. Call 800-223-7015.

Repair Concrete Cracks

Intech Anchoring offers 4 concrete crack repair solutions including epoxy and urethane injections as well as a seal of laminate or woven carbon fiber.

Epoxy Injection Concrete Crack Repair

Epoxy injections prevent keeps moisture out to protect future problems by sealing the crack and welding it together. Epoxy is very flexible and strong. It protects against further contraction and expansion making it a long-term solution.

Epoxy comes in three different varieties for use in any environment and it works best on dry surfaces.

Urethane Injection Concrete Crack Repair

Urethane injections are great for use in damp areas. Urethane is also strong and flexible, providing durability despite future shifting of your foundation.
Urethane is penetrates deeply for a lasting bond. It comes in three varieties for use in a range of environments, and provides a waterproof seal that will not shrink.

Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Repair

Carbon fiber is a superior method for repairing your concrete crack. First using either an epoxy or urethane injections we reinforce the foundation using carbon fiber strips. This process is minimally invasive and requires little disruption to your home.

Laminate Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Repair

Laminate carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel against pressure from the soil underneath your foundation. It can prevent the lateral movement of your foundation walls. Woven carbon fiber is also stable and prevents both vertical and horizontal movement of your foundation. Both materials are versatile and ideal for any application.

Concrete Crack Repair Cost

Both our injection systems and carbon fiber installation are economical, preventing future cracks and saving you money and time in the long run. These solutions are long lasting as well as much less invasive and more cost-effective than future foundation repairs may end up being. Intech Anchoring offers carbon fiber at a much lower cost than traditional materials for concrete crack repair.