Crack Repair Injections

Our specially formulated crack repair injection system is designed to push water away and permanently restore structural strength to concrete. The use of our injection systems provide superior solutions to cracks in concrete basements, foundation walls, and structures.

Our formulated epoxy system is designed to stop concrete deterioration at the crack, while protecting the steel reinforcement inside the impacted area. The urethane injection resin acts to push water away to facilitate the sealing of cracks in basement walls. Our system can restore structural strength to the home, while protecting the interior living space from incoming water, air, and bugs.

Our crack injection systems are installed in 3 steps:

  • The walls are prepared for installation by sanding the area clean of debris.
  • Injections ports are installed and sealed off.
  • Our specially formulated resin is injected into the crack through the ports.

Structural Crack Repair Systems

Cracks in walls or floors are not only unsightly, but they are often a sign of more severe underlying problems. Intech Anchoring’s crack repair system can be utilized in homes on concrete, foundation walls, and slab foundations.

Cracks can appear inside and outside the home. We can repair those cracks and prevent future damage using crack injection systems and carbon fiber materials.

Crack Repair with Injection Systems

  • Multifunctional: Injection systems have a wide variety of applications in many situations.
  • Waterproofing: Water damage is a major culprit in recurring cracks and damage, and injection systems can stop it.
  • Specialized for different environments:
  • For dry areas, it is recommended to use epoxy injections
  • For damp areas, urethane injections are used, as they can bond to wet surfaces

Either sealant can be used on most surfaces, including wood, metal, and concrete. The strength, low cost, and fast-acting nature of the sealants make injection systems ideal for crack repair with minimal disruption.