Urethane Injection Systems

Urethane injection, also known as polyurethane or grout, is the most common way to seal and fill a crack in a home’s foundation. The popularity of urethane injection as a solution is due to its flexibility and versatility for a variety of applications, including commercial and residential foundation repair.

Benefits of Using Urethane Injection Crack Repair

There are many choices in foundation repair systems, but not every crack can or should be treated with the same solution. Simply because there’s a crack in the home’s foundation does not mean that it is letting in moisture. However, every crack has the potential to allow water into the home, and once it has, it will continue to do so.

A significant benefit of using urethane injections is that it can be applied to damp surfaces, eliminating the need to wait for the surface around the crack to dry. Like all foundation crack repairs endorsed by Intech Anchoring, urethane will prevent water from entering the interior of the basement.

Urethane injection is extremely versatile and is available in three levels of viscosity to suit any situation and surface – indoors or outdoors.

An additional advantage of urethane injection crack repair is the product’s flexibility, which protects your investment and prevents further damage by allowing for slight movement of a shifting foundation.

Installation of Urethane Injections

Installation of urethane injections, which only requires the attention of a 1 to 3 member team, is simple: Mix with a 2:1 ratio and apply to the crack.

There is no need to dry the surface prior to working on it. The installation is as fast as you choose to work and offers minimal disruption to the homeowner. Urethane injections are the most common solution for damp, cracked foundations partly because of the ease of use and their universal nature.

Cost of Urethane Injections for Contractors

Often the decision of what repair method ultimately becomes a matter of cost. Urethane injections typically cost about a third of what excavation foundation crack repairs run, such as replacing foundation walls or resorting to more intrusive methods, like wall anchor installation or even carbon fiber support. Intech Anchoring offers excellent pricing both for urethane injection crack repair supplies and other foundation crack repair supplies. Contact us today for a quote.

Benefits of Injection Urethane

  • Moisture insensitive to cure on damp or wet surfaces
  • Easy 2:1 mix ratio
  • No shrinkage
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, and metals
  • Deep penetrating and tenacious bonding of cracks in structural concrete