Force Arrester Wall Brace System

The Force Arrester Wall Brace System, is a structural beam support that counters inward forces on foundation walls that cause cracking, bowing, shearing, and shifting. It stabilizes both load-bearing and non-load-bearing foundation walls. Moisture and frost interact with the soil around a home, causing the soil to expand and produce a constant inward force on the foundation walls of the home. When the foundation walls can no longer support the external pressure, they crack, bow, shear, and shift. The Wall Brace System counters this force to stabilize the home’s foundation walls.



  • Engineered and load tested to withstand the forces of nature on residential foundations
  • Distributes and manages the earth’s horizontal forces uniformly
  • Complete interior installation means no weather delays and no disturbance to lawn or landscaping
  • No mess installation with zero excavation or digging and no heavy equipment needed
  • No coring of hones or concrete removal required

We offer a perpendicular Wall Brace System for load-bearing walls and a parallel Wall Brace System for non-load-bearing walls. We recommend using an S4x7.7 I beam with either system. Brackets are anchored to the basement floor and floor joists for a tight, secure fit. Our unique, patent-pending design allows for tightening over time, potentially reversing wall failure without any invasive drilling or excavating of the property.

Stabilize and support foundation walls and protect against further movement with the Force Arrester Wall Brace System