Force Arrester™ Wall Brace System

Force Arrester™ WBS, exclusively offered by Intech, is an innovative and economical solution for bowing, buckling, tilting, and shifting basement walls. The Force Arrester is a patent-pending structural beam support solution for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing basement foundation walls.

Problem Solved

Moisture causes clay soil to expand and puts extensive pressure on residential foundations. However, hydrostatic forces can be stopped for good with Intech’s Force Arrester Wall Brace System.

As basement walls crack and shift inward due to poor drainage and pressure, the value of the home must be protected. The Force Arrester can be installed without any messy excavation or digging on the outside and with zero concrete removal on the inside. Most foundations can be structurally repaired and stabilized in as little as one day with the Force Arrester.


  • Engineered and load tested to withstand the forces of nature on residential foundations
  • No mess installation with zero excavation or digging
  • Control your schedule by eliminating all weather delays. Complete interior installation
  • A cost-competitive solution for bowing, buckling, tilting, and shifting
  • No coring of holes or concrete removal required
  • Professional appearance
  • Distributes and manages the earth’s horizontal forces uniformly
  • Tightening overtime can often result in improvement
  • Super duty beams custom fit to foundation walls
  • Powder-coated to protect all steel components
  • Increased production and crew capacity
  • Increased profitability

The Details

  • Tested and trusted to outperform all other wall brace options
  • Offered as a complete system – all installation hardware is provided with the system
  • Choose the option best for your project: Perpendicular System (load-bearing) or Parallel System (non-load bearing), which includes 5’ blocking brace (Installation contractor to provide and install any needed wood blocking for the parallel brace system)
  • All wall brace systems include a 9’ structural beam that can be custom field cut to length

While the material savings are significant, the labor and time savings is huge!

Find Your Solution With Intech Anchoring

Intech Anchoring has two locations and two inventories to pull from to supply your needs. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and we go to great lengths to help you achieve your goals. We have a full-time engineering staff that is here to empower you to conquer the hurdles that you are facing whether you are a contractor or a homeowner looking for the right product.     

To learn more about the Force Arrester™ Wall Brace System, contact Intech Anchoring today.