Home Foundation Repair

Damage to a foundation can be a very serious issue as it will affect the structure throughout the rest of the home. Problems with foundation movement should be addressed quickly and efficiently to prevent further damage down the road. Intech Anchoring products not only provide long-term strength to the foundation, but are also building code approved.

Intech Anchoring provides contractors with foundation repair solutions, including underpinning, foundation piering, slab jacking, and pier and beam repair.


Piering is a type of foundation stabilization in which the structure is supported through use of piles or piers (large beams made of steel or concrete) that are driven into the soil. Most often, piling is used for buildings that are very large and in environments where the soil that is underneath the foundation is unable to support and keep the structure from settling excessively.

Foundation Piering

If your foundation is sinking, this is most likely due to instabilities in the soil. Either from water seepage or erosion, the weight of the foundation is causing it to sink. A sinking foundation can lead to even more extensive foundation damage including foundation cracks, jammed doors and windows, sloping chimneys and ultimately a complete failure of the foundation. This is a problem that requires immediate assistance and if left untreated, will only continue to worsen. Helical piers are an excellent foundation repair solution for raising and stabilizing foundations.

Slab Jacking

Intech Anchoring offers helical slab piers to repair cracked concrete slabs in homes. There are many possible factors causing a cracked slab. First, soil expansion can occur due to either too little or too much water in the area, causing a slab to crack. A cracked slab could also be the result of poor construction, inferior quality of concrete, significant movement of the soil due to either contraction or expansion, or a combination of factors. Learn more about Intech Anchoring’s cracked slab solutions for contractors here.

Pier Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations, also referred to as crawl space foundations, are common in homes that were built prior to the 1970’s and are widely used still today in areas of shallow rock or high water tables. Within the pier and beam foundation footprint, there are concrete footing piers and supporting beams which carry the load of the floor joist. Pier and beam foundations can settle unevenly over time, particularly in areas of seasonal change where the soil frequently expands and contracts with the moisture content of the soil. Intech Anchoring provides pier and beam foundation repair products to contractors. Learn more about Pier foundation construction here.

Foundation Repair Cost

Intech Anchoring offers a variety of foundation repair solutions to meet every possible foundation need. The cost of each solution depends upon the procedure used and the extent of damage caused by the foundational issue. To best serve you, we have a comparison chart of our available solutions so that you can look at the prices and possible methods of repair.

SolutionsOptionsPriceFactors to ConsiderUsed For
Piering, piling, and underpinningHelical or Screw,Resistance Pipe or Push$$$1. Soil type 2. Load capacity 3. AccessibilityVertical Foundation Stabilization
Tiebacks and wall anchorsHelical or Screw,Tendons,Plate and Rod Deadman$$$1. Do you want a quick fix or lasting solution? 2. Required Maintenance 3. Soil type 4. Load capacity 5. AccessibilityHorizontal Wall Stabilization
Crack RepairEpoxy, Urethane,Carbon Fiber$1. Problem type: Structural or Water 2. Different products can plug incoming water or air. However, if there is an underlying foundation problem, the crack repair will not last.Both horizontal and vertical concrete cracks. Can be used for structural reinforcement and/or incoming water.
WaterproofingRock and Pipe, Baseboard ,Gravity, Multi-Flow, Hydraway$$1. Ability to relieve Hydrostatic Pressure 2. In-Flow Rate (how fast water will drain out of your home) 3. Required Maintenance 4. What is the likelihood of the system clogging? 5. Is the system installed so it sits in the lowest point? (Near or below the footing)Drainage System to direct the flow of ground water to outside and away from your home’s foundation