Agricultural Drainage Systems and Correcting Outdoor Drainage Problems

The Hydravent Venting System, though most commonly implemented in residential and commercial projects, is a perfect solution for agricultural sites where effective wastewater elimination is essential. Prevent Damage and Contamination

The Prevention of Groundwater Contamination

Even in arid climates, the water table is present and always around us. A large portion of our drinking water comes from the ground. When this groundwater is contaminated by agricultural waste, there is a risk that the water people drink every day will harm them.

Thus, wastewater is one of the most tightly regulated aspects of the agricultural industry. Hydravent is an effective wastewater drainage system for a few key reasons.

How We Address Drainage Issues:

Clog Resistance – Hydravent is constructed with a needle-punctured fabric exterior surrounding a polyethylene core. Where traditional perforated pipe drainage systems allow dirt and silt to flow into the system, which over time causes blockage, Hydravent blocks such sediment. In fact, Hydravent has a perfect record—never failing when properly installed—meaning that it can be relied upon for years after other systems would have failed.

High Inflow Rate – Water is able to flow into the Hydravent system at far greater rates than with other drainage technologies. This ability allows our strip drain to eliminate standing water and the effects of erosion. Once inside the system, water can flow across 70% of the surface of the system, meaning that water can be evacuated at a faster rate.

Easy Installation – Hydravent is distributed through our network of partners throughout the United States and around the world, so there is always a convenient way to reliably receive your product. By shipping in the form of custom-length coils up to 2,250 feet, Hydravent doesn’t have to be installed piecemeal for larger projects. Plus, the product exhibits zero coil memory, meaning it can be installed without the time-consuming step of waiting for perforated pipe to flatten out.

Avoid Wastewater Risks

If left uncontrolled, wastewater will seep into groundwater and could have deleterious effects for your products. This could even open you up to potential legal and regulatory risk. Learn More

Agricultural Pond Liners and the Hydravent Methane Venting Systems

Beyond wastewater drainage, Hydravent has other solutions that are helpful for the agriculture and aquaculture industry. When creating a lagoon, synthetic liners are almost always used to separate the water from the soil or other “container.”

The problem here of course is that gases generated in the soil, often from decomposing organic matter, will produce gases, namely methane. These gases can build up into large bubbles underneath liners, often resulting in damage, leakage, and eventual seepage into groundwater.

First, there is the cost of draining your lagoon. Then, a determination must be made whether the liner can actually be repaired or if a replacement is necessary. Outside of the raw costs of this work, there is the inevitable downtime and lost production that should be considered. Agricultural lagoons aren’t like electronic systems that can simply be turned off and on. In other words, the risk of downtime or failure carries substantial downsides that other industries simply don’t face.

Stat: 70% of Hydravent’s internal surface can carry water, which is far greater than traditional systems.

Hydravent—A Perfect Agricultural Solution

Hydravent has a stellar service record of never having failed when properly installed. That isn’t just hyperbole from the manufacturer—it’s a fact. There has never been a reported failure of our technology. It is such a reliable drainage solution that Intech Anchoring decided to own, manufacture, and distribute the products ourselves. That means you can count on the team at Intech for support and expertise in managing your drainage and selecting the right system for your situation.

We make finding proper drainage a simple and straightforward task. You won’t have to worry about excess water or the damage from poor landscape drainage ever again. When you’re ready to consider a new option for drainage, we’ll come out to your site and consult on the design of your particular setup. Get in touch by filling out the form below!