Man Portable System & Components

The MP man-portable drill from TEI is the smallest drill possible using a feed system. Anything smaller would be a hand drill. These drills are used in the most confined spaces imaginable. Small, but still capable of installing a 75 kip micropile, soil nails, rock bolts, coring, or hollow bars.

MP260 Feed (Man Portable)

Drill rig

260 Drifter


DM360 Power Pack



MP260 (Man Portable) Feed

Percussion Energy95 to 65lbf-ft
Blows per Minute3,600 to 5,000BPM
Pullback Force1,500lbf-ft
Drill Travel5.5ft

TE260 Drifter

  • Capable of installing R32, R38, T40 Magnacore hollow bars
  • High torque design for hollow bars
  • Compact design for limited access areas and underpinning
  • TEI patented ASA percussion
  • Output power: 13 HP (10 kW)
  • Rotation torque: 200-1000 lbf-ft (273-1361 Nm)
  • Weight: 144/182 lbs (65/83 kgs)
Impact Energy65 to 95lbf-ft
Impact Frequency3,600 to 5,000BPM
Supply Pressure2,250PSI
Percussion Flow17GPM
Output Power9.85HP
Rotation Torque200lbf-ft
Rotation SpeedUp to 250RPM
Rotation Flow5GPM
Compatible WithR32S, R38N, T40

DM360 Diesel Power Pack

Hydraulic Flow25GPM
Deutz D 2011 L3 Engine Tier III46HP
Weight of DM2602,077lbm
Weight of MP260HT542lbm
Weight of HC4 Clamp164lbm

Typical Applications

  • Micropiles
  • Soil Nails
  • Rock Bolts
  • Coring