Crawl Space Floor Support System

The ISC System (Interior Support Column) replaces the conventional concrete block, brick, and wood timber posts by providing superior support to existing beams and floor joists in your crawl space. The ISC standard column length is 3 foot and then field-cut to the specific application. A heavy-duty, threaded adjustment at the top allows for the load to be securely transferred to the column.

The ISC is designed to rest on a pre-compacted aggregate footing of crushed base rock material. The compacted base material will absorb the load that is transferred from the existing support beam to the ISC bearing plate to provide a secure and stable foundation.

Crawl Space Support Bar

Benefits of the ISC

  • Powder-coated structural steel construction
  • Large 14″ × 14″ × ⅜″ steel bearing plate to transfer the load to the bearing surface
  • Extremely high load capacity (supports weights over 60,000 lbs)
  • Immediate stabilization and lifting capabilities
  • Custom fit to any crawl space height
  • Designed to bear on compacted base material, eliminating the need for concrete

Installation Steps

  1. Footing pad is excavated and base material is prepared and compacted.
  2. The high capacity support column is measured and cut to the precise length.
  3. Steel components of the ISC are carefully assembled and installed.
  4. The ISC is installed to the underside of the load beam and secured.
  5. The floor system load is transferred to the ISC, and any final adjustments are made and locked down.

Why an Interior Support Column System Is Right for You

Floors above crawl spaces are susceptible to problems created within the crawl space itself. High moisture content is common with damp soil, which can lead to poor soil conditions and movement with traditional support columns. As the soils beneath the home become saturated, the columns can no longer provide the necessary support and then often settle.

Sagging beams and floor joists can also result from the improper spacing of existing support columns or a weakened floor system due to excessive moisture, bug damage, or wood rot. As these forces of nature occur in the crawl space, the floors above begin to noticeably sink and sag.

For the long-term success of any crawl space support system, it is essential to immediately address any drainage or water issues that are negatively affecting the crawl space. Then you must take the necessary measures to reduce the impact of moisture in the crawl space. Often a crawl space can require a drainage system and encapsulation system to control and manage the effects of water and high humidity.

Rest assured that the Interior Support Column system will immediately stabilize your settling and sagging beams and the floor joists in your crawl space and protect against further movement. The Interior Support Column system offers rapid construction time and comes with a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects along with a performance warranty from your certified installing contractor.

ISC systems can be used to complement or add to an existing floor system. They are one of our most flexible solutions and do not require concrete, which makes for easy installation. When you partner with Intech Anchoring, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind with the products we recommend. Every solution is geared toward your specific issues, and we can be on site to coordinate the equipment being put in place.

Intech Anchoring has two locations and two inventories to pull from to supply your needs. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and we go to great lengths to help you achieve your goals. We have full-time engineering staff that is here to empower you to conquer the hurdles that you are facing whether you are a contractor or a homeowner looking for the right product.     

To learn more about crawl space floor systems and ISCs, contact Intech Anchoring today.