Magnacore® Self-Drilling Anchors

Intech Anchoring supplies contractors with the industry-leading Magnacore® Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA). Magnacore® is a hollow bar injection-bore micropile that serves as an economical solution for challenging soil conditions. Installing conventional Micropiles may not be the best option in situations with collapsible soils, large boulders, or other obstructions. The self-drilling anchor allows for placing, open hole drilling, and grouting in an all-in-one installation.

The Micropile is formed in a single, top-down operation by the injection of a high-pressure, neat cement grout mixture. The mixture is pumped through the bar and serves as the drill string. The neat grout mix exits through ports at the end of the sacrificial bit and permeates into the looser adjacent soils. This mix and permeation are what forms the competent reinforced grout column.

In addition to outperforming other anchoring systems on the market today, Magnacore puts money back into the pocket of the contractor. The material cost comparison of Magnacore®and other hollow bar micropiles is unmatched.

Because of its unique all-in-one installation process, contractors can save on labor costs, as fewer rig operators are required. Installation is a timely process, which saves on hourly wages.


Magnacore® Products & Applications

Self-Drilling Anchors

Magnacore anchors are self-drilling, meaning that there is no pre-drilling required and grouting is part of the installation process.


Magnacore Micropiles are suitable for a variety of applications and are particularly useful with projects launched in areas with limited access or weak soil. Micropiles have become a preferred method of deep foundation stabilization for their reliability, versatility, and efficiency.

Tieback Anchors

A tieback is a horizontal rod used to reinforce retaining walls for stability. With one end of the tieback secured to the wall, the other end is anchored into the earth with sufficient resistance. By utilizing Magnacore SDAs for tiebacks, you can save time and money with the quick, efficient, all-in-one installation.

Soil Retention Anchors

Earth retention systems are constructed to provide support where deep excavations are required or slope stability is a concern. The design of these systems must consider movement control, stability during construction, and wall drainage. Magnacore can be used for jobs specified to stabilize slopes, for soldier pile and lagging, and tieback anchors.

Magnacore® has a full line of hollow bars anchor rods to meet your project’s needs including:

  • R32S
  • R38N
  • R51N
  • T40
  • T52
  • T76S
  • Bearing Plates

All bar options have available anchor couplers with gasket seal, anchor nuts, and sacrificial bits for purchase.

Magnacore® is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Tieback Anchors

  • Micropiles

  • Limited Access Areas

  • Underpinning

  • Soil Retention Anchor

  • Deep Foundations

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How to Install Magnacore from Intech

Solid Bar vs. Hollow Bar

Solid Bar

  • Pre-drilling required
  • Limited to shallow rock
  • Very stiff throughout soil strata
  • Casing needed in soft soils
  • Pre- and post-grouting required
  • Several pieces of equipment

Magnacore® SDA Hollow Bar

  • No predrilling
  • Rock at any depth
  • Can be installed in all soil types
  • Casing for lateral loads
  • Grouting completed during install
  • Only need rock drill and grout plant

Trust Intech’s quality Magnacore hollow bar system.
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Components of the Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchor®

  1. Hex nut
  2. Termination plate
  3. HDPE Pipe
  4. Soil-cement grout body
  5. Final injection grout
  6. Magnacore self-drilling anchor bar
  7. Coupler
  8. Centralizer
  9. Sacrificial bit
  10. Grout flushing holes

Magnacore Sacrificial Bits

The holes in each bit allow the grout/drilling solution to flow as the SDA is advanced, simultaneously creating the column.

  • Tungsten Carbide Button Bit for hard rock (Limestone, shale)
  • Tungsten Carbide Cross Cut Bit for softer rock (sandstone, soft shale, or fractured rock)
  • Clay Bit ideal for mixed fills and clay

Magnacore Specifications

U.S. Measurements

Bar Type R32S R38N R51N T40/20 T40/16 T52/26 T76S Unit
Outer Dia 1.26 1.50 2.01 1.57 1.57 2.05 2.99 in.
Inner Dia 0.59 0.71 1.18 0.79 0.63 1.02 1.77 in.
Area 0.79 1.17 1.78 1.22 1.42 1.92 3.90 in2
Ultimate Tensile Load (Pu) 80.93 123.60 179.80 121.17 148.40 208.80 427.10 kip
Yield Load (Py) 62.90 101.20 141.60 96.66 118.00 164.10 337.20 kip
Ultimate Tensile Stress (Fu) 102.27 105.93 101.01 98.96 104.17 108.83 109.60 ksi
Yield Stress (Fy) 79.55 86.67 79.55 78.95 82.86 85.52 86.53 ksi
Weight 2.69 3.97 6.06 4.17 4.85 6.53 13.26 lb/ft


Bar Type R32S R38N R51N T40/20 T40/16 T52/26 T76S Unit
Outer Dia 32 38 51 40 40 52 76 mm
Inner Dia 15 18 29 20 16 26 45 mm
Area 510 755 1148 787 916 1239 2516 mm2
Ultimate Tensile Load (Pu) 360 550 800 539 660 929 1900 kN
Yield Load (Py) 280 450 630 430 525 730 1500 kN
Ultimate Tensile Stress (Fu) 706 729 697 685 720 750 755 n/mm2
Yield Stress (Fy) 549 596 549 546 573 589 596 n/mm2
Weight 4.00 5.90 9.00 6.20 7.20 9.70 19.70 kg/m

Why Intech Anchoring?

In addition to high-quality materials and service, Intech Anchoring will provide continual support through the entire project. This includes engineering and design, support load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, and rental equipment. We even offer on-site support, where operations can be conducted under Intech Anchoring expert supervision. Please contact us today for more information.

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