Water Drainage Solutions for Midwest Homes

Basement leakage and water infiltration can be a common occurrence in many Midwestern homes.  The main cause of excessive water in the basement happens as a result of what geographic area the home is located in or improper drainage. There are several options that are available for better water drainage, two of these happen to be installing a French drain or installing a Hydraway Drainage System.

If you are looking to do any kind of basement remodel or are just tired of dealing with water in your basement, we would recommend calling on a water drainage solutions expert to consult on your options. Don’t go another rainy season worrying about your leaky basement and protect your home.

Advantages of Hydraway Drainage System

There are key advantages to a Hydraway Drainage System that a French Drain solution just can’t provide. One of these advantages is that with the Hydraway System you won’t have to worry about clogging. For over two decades, installers have been using the Hydraway System have yet to have a clogging issue in the drainage system.

Another benefit over the French Drain is that Hydraway has a water flow rate of over 70% faster than any other system. A slow flow rate can affect how quickly and effectively the soil can become dry. Dry is what you are looking for; dry soil equals a dry basement and the quicker you can get there, the better

Thanks to a process called fusion bonding between the core and the needle punched fabric, your installation becomes fungus resistant and keeps the fabric attached to the core even in high pressures, heat, and humidity.

When it comes to keeping your basement dry, the Hydraway System provides the best solution with its faster flow rates, resistance to varying temperatures, and the ability to avoid clogging. Not to mention the cost-effective benefits of the system, Midwestern homeowners should give us a call today at 734-432-5111 for more information regarding the Hydraway Drainage System today.

Have You Seen These Signs of Foundation Problems?

Cracks in the home, uneven windows, or water leakage are major signs that your home may have foundation problems. If that’s the case for you don’t worry; there are ways to save your home from becoming a major issue for your home. If you’ve seen any of these five signs of foundation problems, you can call us at 734-432-5111 to schedule a free appointment for an estimate.

Sloping Floors

Some consider sloping floors to be charming but it can also be a sign that you have a problem with the foundation in your home.  Sloping in the floors can indicate that your home’s foundation is settling due to poorly compacted soil below the foundation. If you are noticing that your floors are sloping, be sure to call a reputable foundation repair company to take a look to diagnose the problem.

Cracks in Walls and Ceilings

Not all cracks are created equal. There are structural and non-structural cracks that can appear in your home. The structural cracks are those cracks that appear near the corners of doors and windows and they are a clear indicator of foundation problems.

Stair Step Cracks in Brick 

If you see a stair step pattern in your brick walls, this is a clear sign that there is settling going on underneath your home. These cracks will typically be a combination of horizontal and vertical cracks that gives the cracks their name, stair step. This could also be an indication that your foundation is going through the growing pains that is natural but if the cracks are wider than a half inch you should call in an expert to take a look and evaluate the situation.

Doors and windows won’t open or close
Sticky doors and windows can be bothersome and drive you crazy but that stickiness can also be a sign that your foundation is settling. If your foundation has settled deep enough, your options include underpinning or piering. You can find out more information about underpinning and piering by visiting our main site. If you have questions or concerns about the process please contact us through our form or call us at 734-432-5111.

Chimney is Cracked 

If your chimney appears to be leaning or is cracked, you have a house settlement problem which translates to a foundation problem. Signs of foundation problems visible at your chimney include cracks, gaps, and even leaning. When your chimney shows these signs you should consult with a foundation repair specialist as soon as possible.

When it comes to your home and it’s foundation, be sure to take these signs seriously and contact professionals who are experienced with these foundation issues. Contact Intech Anchoring today for to schedule an appointment for an estimate today.

4 Factors That Affect Your Foundation Repair Cost

You are probably here because you were unfortunate enough to find a crack in the foundation of your home or have noticed that windows and doors aren’t shutting properly. You know there is most likely a foundation problem, but you also want to calm your nerves by understanding just how much it’s going to cost you to repair.

Unfortunately through most of your searches, you’ve probably noticed not too many places give you a foundation repair cost range. Each and every foundation repair job is independent of the last job and therefore, will always need to be evaluated by a foundation repair specialist in your area. At Intech Anchoring, we have representatives who will gladly come to your home and give you a completely free estimate by calling us at 734-432-5111 or by filling out one of the many forms on the site.

We don’t provide initial set price ranges for foundation repair costs because of the varying degree of circumstances. However, we can give you an overall understanding, highlighting four factors that affect the total cost of repairing your foundation.


Type of Foundation

The first factor that affects the cost of your foundation repair is the type of foundation on which your home currently sits. There are three main types of foundations: slab, pier and beam, and piling. Each foundation comes with its own set of variables that can affect the price of a repair. The difference in design, material, and amount of materials can greatly affect the overall price and can only be determined after examining your foundation.


Soil Quality

Soil quality can be a huge factor in determining the stability of your foundation. The four most common elements affecting soil quality are type (sandy, clay, or silt), moisture, frost and heave, and the settling of the soil under the foundation. Proper drainage also plays a significant role in the stability of the soil under your foundation. Erosion can occur underneath your home with improper drainage causing your home to have a sinking foundation.


Building Size and Use

Larger homes require more materials to make the necessary repairs to their foundations. Also with a larger home, there is more weight to bear and complexity to the structure.


Existing Damage to Your Foundation

Another big factor could be how much damage the home has already received. Bowing walls, large cracks in your ceiling and walls, as well as doors failing to open and close properly, are all clear indications of a foundation problem that needs immediate attention.

Remember, you can call Intech Anchoring at 734-432-5111 or contact us through the form and we will be there to answer your questions about your foundation repair. A reputable contractor can do wonders in saving your home’s foundation with your best interest in mind. Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life and small cracks in the foundation can soon mean large problems to the health of your home if not addressed promptly.