Intech Anchoring Carbonbon® Structural System is Ideal for Contractors

Carbon fiber systems are an ideal choice for contractors looking to repair foundation damage in the form of cracks of two inches or less in diameter. This repair offers a strong and reliable fix, disrupts the homeowner minimally, and doesn’t require excavation or structural manipulation of the basement. It offers a convenient fix with lasting results. With the added installation of a steel angle at the top of the wall, the foundation is entirely stabilized. Cosmetically, the finished product is barely visible and easily painted over. Over time, carbon fiber concrete repair requires zero maintenance and is a permanent solution.

Benefits of Using Woven Carbon Fiber Systems

Woven carbon fiber systems are ideal foundation stabilizer products for contractors. This method requires minimal labor from contractors because installation is simple, straightforward, and low maintenance. Additionally, carbon fiber offers greater strength than other steel alternatives, at a more economical cost. Carbon fiber is resistant to the two common types of foundation movement: Vertical (up/down) and horizontal (rotation), both of which result in significant cracks. Last but not least, woven carbon fiber is incredibly versatile. It conforms to any shape, can be applied indoors or outdoors on many surfaces, and provides a clean finish that requires no maintenance.

Installation of Woven Carbon Fiber Systems

During installation, the crack is injected with epoxy or urethane and covered with carbon fiber strips to reinforce and seal the wall to prevent further damage. Carbon fiber systems are offered in two types, uni-lateral and bi-lateral. Uni-directional includes fibers woven in one direction, allowing for the resistance of movement in one direction. Bi-directional carbon fiber is woven in two directions, thereby resisting movement in multiple directions. Both options are excellent choices, but address different structural needs.

Cost of Woven Carbon Fiber Systems

Woven carbon fiber is an economical choice for many types of foundation cracks. Intech Anchoring is an excellent source for foundation stabilization products and wholesale woven carbon fiber. We offer lower cost than traditional reinforcement and can help you select the right concrete repair product for your job. Contact us today for a quote.

Superior Technology

  • High strength – 400 KSI tensile
  • Low weight – less than 0.5 pounds per sq. ft.
  • Corrosion Resistance: pH 2 – pH 13
  • Thermal Compatibility
  • Excellent fatigue behavior
  • No welding
  • Speed of construction
  • Minimal disruption
  • Low cost
  • Interior or exterior application
  • Conforms to any shape