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The Force Arrester™ Wall Brace System is a structural solution designed to address the inward forces exerted on foundation walls of a home. These forces, which can result from various factors such as soil expansion due to moisture and frost, can lead to detrimental effects like cracking, bowing, shearing, and shifting of the foundation walls. The Wall Brace System aims to counter these forces and stabilize both load-bearing and non-load-bearing foundation walls.

Moisture and frost can interact with the soil surrounding a home, causing the soil to expand. This expansion creates a constant inward force on the foundation walls. Over time, if the foundation walls are unable to withstand this external pressure, they may start to exhibit signs of damage such as cracks, bowing (curvature or bulging), shearing (sliding or shifting horizontally), and shifting (vertical displacement).

To mitigate these issues, the Force Arrester Wall Brace System comes into play. This system incorporates structural beams or braces that are installed against the foundation walls. These braces are designed to withstand and counteract the inward forces acting on the walls. By doing so, they help stabilize the foundation and prevent further damage.

The Wall Brace System can be utilized for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing foundation walls, providing support and reinforcement in either case. By effectively countering the inward forces, it helps maintain the integrity and structural stability of the home’s foundation. 

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  • Engineered and load tested to withstand the forces of nature on residential foundations
  • Distributes and manages the earth’s horizontal forces uniformly
  • Complete interior installation means no weather delays and no disturbance to lawn or landscaping
  • No mess installation with zero excavation or digging and no heavy equipment needed
  • No coring of holes or concrete removal required


Our comprehensive Wall Brace System offers a perpendicular configuration tailored to support load-bearing walls, as well as a parallel configuration specifically designed for non-load-bearing walls. For optimal performance, we recommend utilizing the S4x7.7 I beam with either system. The brackets seamlessly anchor to both the basement floor and floor joists, ensuring a snug and reliable fit.

What sets our system apart is its unique, patent-pending design that enables ongoing tightening over time. This exceptional feature has the potential to reverse wall failure, mitigating any structural concerns, all without the need for invasive drilling or excavating procedures on your property. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your walls can be effectively stabilized and reinforced with our innovative Wall Brace System.

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