Sump Pump Drainage

Sump Pump Drainage Supplies

Preventing water from flooding a home is a top priority for any home drainage contractor. Most common basement systems help prevent water from entering, but they’re prone to failure and present your clients with a problem that needs to be handled quickly.

Installing Intech’s sump pump along with Hydraway, our industry-leading interior drainage system, removes any water that enters a home and gives your clients peace of mind.

Commercial Grade Sump Pumps

Intech supplies a proper foundation drainage system that keeps basements dry. Learn more about how our sump pump and drainage solutions cover every angle of a home’s foundation.

Sump Pump Drainage System

The Hydraway Drainage System surrounds the interior perimeter of a basement or crawl space. The pump activates when water enters the system and automatically removes it through a discharge pipe. Our interior drainage system is ideal for basements or crawl spaces  that experience frequent flooding.

Basement Sump Pump Drainage Systems

The different aspects of our sump pump system include:

  • Sump Pit: A small hole in the lowest area of the home that the sump pump device sits in
  • Discharge Pipe or Line: The pipe that directs water out of a basement
  • Check Valve: A one-way valve that ensures water does not flow backward
  • Pressure Sensor: The sensor that directs the sump pump to automatically turn on
  • Centrifugal Pump: The device that moves water out of the sump pit
  • Impeller: The fan-like device that uses centrifugal force to push water out through the discharge pipe


These different components create a system that allows a sump pump to do its job effectively. While leaks can cause lasting damage, it’s standing water that causes structural damage to a home. With Hydraway, your clients never have to worry about keeping water out of their home.

How Hydraway’s Interior Drainage System Works

Our sump pump system works together with the Hydraway Waterproofing System to provide proper foundation drainage.

Hydraway Drainage System
A flat-strip drain solution, the Hydraway is more durable than conventional drainage systems and performs better under extreme conditions. It’s manufactured with needle-punched fabric that allows water to quickly flow into the system’s thermally bonded, plastic-molded structure without clogging.

HydraPanel Drain Board
The HydraPanel is placed along the interior foundation walls to provide a bridge to the Hydraway system and is the most highly functional drainage board system on the market.

Our drainage system works as a cohesive unit; the Hydraway system removes the water from alongside the footing and moves the water to the sump pump where the water is pumped to the exterior of your home. 

Other Residential Drainage Solutions

Hydraway is a comprehensive supplier of drainage systems. Our solutions extend beyond basements and crawl spaces; home drainage contractors also use our products for the following services:

Landscape Drainage
Our landscape drainage systems are used in yards around the country similar to a traditional french drain system because they have a proven track record of success. Our products are easier to install than conventional perforated pipe systems and feature a 0% fail rate.

Foundation Waterproofing
The best defense against basement flooding is prevention with a proper foundation waterproofing system. Hydraway offers foundation waterproofing systems that allow your clients to live comfortably for years. Our systems eliminate the threat of damage from water and ensure that water never enters a home. The solutions we provide are easy to install and guarantee a dry home.

Basement Wall Paneling
Our wall paneling system allows you to turn your clients’ damp basements into functional spaces. Intech’s system prevents water from leaking into basement walls while providing an appealing basement atmosphere that’s bright and welcoming.

Crawl Space Liners
Installing Intech’s Encapsulation Liner in a crawl space or basement provides your clients with a barrier that prevents moisture retention, minimizes damp spaces, and prevents mold growth.

Why Choose Sump Pumps from Intech

Power Outage

Why Other Sump Pumps Fail
Significant weather events and power outages sometimes go hand in hand, and traditional sump pumps are at risk of failure when the power goes out. That’s because some sump pumps don’t have a battery backup that kicks on when external power is disconnected.

Intech’s Sump Pump Succeeds
Our sump pumps come with an optional battery backup system that automatically turns on in the event of a power outage. The backup battery case and charger are installed on the basement floor next to the pump.

Clogged Discharge Lines

Why Other Sump Pumps Fail
Sump pumps expel excess water from discharge lines that lead away from a house. The discharge lines can’t effectively flow water out of the system when clogged with debris, and the sump pump fails.

Intech’s Sump Pump Succeeds
The Hydraway Drainage System features a geo-textile filtration fabric that does not allow clogs. This filtration fabric is one reason why there has never been a reported failure for a properly installed Hydraway system.


Why Other Sump Pumps Fail
Sometimes a single sump pump is overworked by too much water. A pump that isn’t powerful enough eventually stalls and breaks down.

Intech’s Sump Pump Succeeds
Hydraway offers single, double, and triple residential sump pump systems to accommodate extreme situations. Our drainage system features modern drainage technology that provides a better inflow rate than traditional perforated pipes.

Wrong Size

Why Other Sump Pumps Fail
A traditional sump pump that’s too small has to work harder to pump out water and breaks down quicker.

Intech’s Sump Pump Succeeds

Our professionals work with you to find the right residential sump pump sizing for your client.

Provide Proper Foundation Drainage from Intech

Intech has been supplying industry-leading foundation and interior drainage systems for over 30 years. Home drainage contractors choose us because our solutions are easily installed and offer unmatched performance. We provide consulting services for our partners to make sure that our systems are installed and working correctly. Contact Intech today for a quote and see how our interior drainage systems are superior to conventional solutions.


Works to remove water as part of the drain system and channel it far away from your home by working in tandem with HydraPanel.


Situated in the weakest part of your foundation, where the floor meets the footing, to direct water toward Hydraway.

Sump Pumps:

Directs the water away from your home using a series of exterior pipes. To learn more about Hydraway, Intech’s Sump Pump offerings, and our other cost-effective solutions, contact Intech Anchoring Systems today.

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