Crawl Space Damage

Excessive water can cause significant damage to crawlspaces if not properly addressed. Heavy rains, lack of ventilation, and inefficient drainage are primary causes of potentially damaging moisture in crawlspaces. Expensive and dangerous damage can be done if left alone over time. These issues include:

  • Rodents, termites, and other critters
  • Rotting wood and structural issues
  • Odors
  • Mold that is severely dangerous to one’s health
  • Standing water
  • Reduced home value

Crawlspace Liner

Hydraliner is a crawlspace liner and vapor barrier product to seal off residential basements and crawlspaces from incoming moisture, insects, and rodents. Hydraliner provides complete protection in crawlspaces that retain water or moisture, which can create potential rot.

The exposed earth beneath the home can in turn, impact the structural integrity of a home or health of the occupants. Moisture can also breed a variety of living organisms from mold spores to insects.

Hydraliner Crawl Space Liner serves as a blockade to invasive animals such as termites, beetles, rodents, or snakes. These invasive animals can cause damage to exposed wood, thus putting the home at greater risk.

Mold can harmful generate toxins; Humidity levels can range from 50%-90% in a crawlspace, which are perfect conditions for mold to grow. Hydraliner crawlspace lining will help prevent mold in and around a home, leaving less allergens in the air.