Slab Support Methods

Cracked Slabs

One problem that can occur in the foundation of a home is a cracked concrete slab. A cracked slab can mean a compromised foundation. There are a few common signs of a cracked slab. 

There may be issues with your flooring, such as unevenness, cracked tiling, linoleum that has warped, or dome shapes in the floor. There also may be exterior cracks, either in the stucco or foundation.

Slab Repair Methods

Carbon Fiber Floor Stitching System

Intech Anchoring Systems utilizes a combination of the Carbon Fiber System alongside epoxy injections to repair cracks within your floors or walls. Both materials provide a waterproof seal and prevent the possibility of further deterioration and damage to your foundation. This system is cost-effective as well as minimally invasive. Furthermore, epoxy injections will add overall strength to the foundation of your structure that lasts over time. The cracks are “stitched” with Carbon Fiber straps to stop any further movement. The Carbon Fiber straps never corrode and are lighter and stronger than steel dowels. After the debris is removed and the floor surface is prepared, 3-foot slits are cut across the crack every. Carbon Fiber straps are inserted and then filled with structural epoxy to seal the repair.

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