Anchor/Foundation Drive Heads

Intech Anchoring offers vehicle mounted, hydraulic powered drive heads available with 3,500, 6,000 & 11,500 ft.-lb. torque ratings. They are especially suited for vertical installations of screw-type anchors, foundations, and bumper posts. The drive head comes in two torque-rating ranges. The design also delivers other features for rugged field conditions.

  • Precision planetary gears and bearings in oil-filled, sealed gearcase
  • Heavy-duty output housing and bearings
  • Heavy-duty bail flange mounted to gearcase housing provides balanced load-sharing torque restraint
  • Dual-pin mounting provides drive-head positioning for controlled installations
  • Drive-head also readily accepts earth augers for hole digging

Hose assemblies are not furnished with drive heads. For hydraulic flow more than 20 gpm, 3⁄4″-diameter hose is recommended. For flow rates of 20 gpm and below, 1⁄2″ hose may be used. Swivel joint and swivel joint adapter are furnished. Thread size is 1″-111⁄2″ NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical).

Portable Anchor Installers for Foundations

For most shaft-driven guy anchors and smaller screw foundations, these compact drivers get into areas where large equipment cannot go or is impractical. Operator does not need to resist the torque generated by anchor installation. Countertorque transmits through a torque bar from the drive head to the earth or other restraint. This frees the operator for the task of guiding the anchor path.

Built-in bypass valve limits output to 2,500-ft.-lb. maximum, two-way foot pedal gives operator direct control over drive and reverse directions, hoses (two 12-ft. and two 25-ft.) come with quick couplers for all connections from power supply to foot control to drive head. Pivoting drive-head yoke connects with bent-arm pin to square-tubular torque bar which telescopes from 8 feet to 10 feet as needed.