Anchor/Foundation Drive Equipment Heads

Intech Anchoring offers vehicle-mounted, hydraulic-powered drive heads available with 3,500, 6,000, and 11,500 ft-lb torque ratings. They are especially suited for vertical installations of screw-type anchors, foundations, and bumper posts. The drive head comes in two torque-rating ranges.

The design also delivers other features for rugged field conditions:

  • Precision planetary gears and bearings in oil-filled, sealed gearcase

  • Heavy-duty output housing and bearings

  • Heavy-duty bail flange mounted to gearcase housing that provides balanced load-sharing torque restraint

  • Dual-pin mounting that provides drive-head positioning for controlled installations

  • Drive head also readily accepts earth augers for hole digging

Hose assemblies are not furnished with drive heads. For hydraulic flow of more than 20 gpm, a 3⁄4″-diameter hose is recommended. For flow rates of 20 gpm and below, 1⁄2″ hose may be used. Swivel joint and swivel joint adapter are furnished. Thread size is 1″ to 1½″ NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical).

Intech-Drive Equipment

Portable Anchor Installers for Foundations

For most shaft-driven guy anchors and smaller screw foundations, these compact drivers get into areas where large equipment cannot go or is impractical. The operator does not need to resist the torque generated by anchor installation. Countertorque transmits through a torque bar from the drive head to the earth or other restraint. This frees the operator for the task of guiding the anchor path and makes the system easy to install.

Built-in bypass valve limits output to 2,500 ft-lb maximum, two-way foot pedal gives operator direct control over drive and reverse directions, and hoses (two 12 ft. and two 25 ft.) come with quick couplers for all connections from power supply to foot control to drive head. Pivoting drive-head yoke connects with a bent-arm pin to square-tubular torque bar that telescopes from 8 to 10 feet as needed.

Drive Equipment That Fits Your Project

Intech Anchoring works with multiple manufacturers, such as PRO-DIG, Eskridge,and Digga, to find the tools that meet the needs of your projects. A lot of providers will talk about offering high-quality equipment. We partner with many different manufacturers because we care about providing the right piece of equipment that fits your unique requirements. We are not loyal to any one partner when it comes to manufacturers and are only interested in finding the best product for your needs. Making sure your project has more than just equipment that works will reduce your headaches and boost your productivity.  

When you team with Intech Anchoring, you can trust that our product recommendations are OSHA compliant, optimized for your needs, and backed up by our support services.

We support the products we recommend with design and engineering assistance. We take pride in being active in our region and physically visit many of the project sites we supply. Our people will be there, at your side, to help coordinate your equipment and provide accurate reporting.

Intech provides installation training and meets the engineering specifications. You can operate with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment is going to do what was promised and do it well. This adds quality of life to your work site and can even mean your deadlines are within reach.

Intech Anchoring Understands Your Hurdles

Our team is always working toward providing competitive pricing and rates, but we understand that equipment like this can be a substantial investment. We want to be sure that you get the most of out of your investment. We are always willing to work with our clients and have flexibility when it comes to your budgetary limitations. We can allow you to try a piece of equipment before you commit to the full purchase price and even enable you to apply those rental fees to the overall cost at the end.

Intech Anchoring is more than just a low-cost provider. We have built our business to be adaptable to the needs of our clients and make sure that they get the best performance for their money. We offer a full line of rental equipment that comes with the same promise of high performance.

Just let us know what you need or the details of your project and we can make recommendations based on our years of experience. Our organization also has two locations, which means two inventories to pull from to supply your equipment needs.

To learn more about drive equipment and for help in determining which is right for your project, contact Intech Anchoring today.