Large Collodial Grout Plants

Intech Anchoring offers grout plants available for rental or purchase. The offered systems enable high volume production and continuous mixing for a broad range of applications.

Applications include: soil compaction, rock grouting, voidfilling, waterproofing, soil anchors, cable bolts, rock bolts, well encasements, contact grouting, well abandonment, marine/underwater, post tensioning, precast, machine base installation, self leveling floor underlayments, slab undersealing, and slabjacking.

Specially designed as a high mobile or portable high capacity plant, the grout plants from Intech Anchoring are ideal for large, heavy construction sites. The double pump minimizes downtime and enhances efficiency with a reserve second pump for emergency stand-by.


Grout Plant Specifications


6803L8 single pump, progressing cavity
68803L8 double pump, progressing cavity
Output/pressure35 to 45 gpm

Collodial Mixer

Mix Tank17 c.f. with bottom cleanout
Mixing Pump2x3x12 diffuser-type centrifugal
Holding Tank17 c.f. paddle agitating

Drive Power

Diesel37 HP Diesel/electric start

Physical Specifications

6880108″L x 60″W x 72″H
68803800 pounds