Engineering Support

When you choose to partner with a distributor or supplier, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. While you certainly want high-quality products and supplies, there is much more to the search process. You should look for a distributor that backs their products with first-class engineering support.

Intech Anchoring Products & Support for Engineers

  • Design construction. When you’re in the middle of designing a project or implementing a new product, it’s common to have questions. Engineering support can help you avoid mistakes and make efficient use of the time and resources you have at your disposal.
  • Technology. When highly technical parts, products, and techniques are first being implemented, it can help to have tech support at your fingertips. As is the case with any type of technology, engineering products can malfunction from time to time. Proper support can ensure you don’t have to deal with these issues on your own.
  • Load testing. Need help load testing or are you unsure of how much force a particular reinforcement solution can support? Rather than finding out the hard way, a certified engineer can answer your questions and guide you through the load testing process.
  • Installation training. There’s always a learning curve when trying something new, but this is especially true when dealing with complex geostructural engineering products and materials. Standby support can prepare you for the installation process with advanced, comprehensive training.

At Intech Anchoring, we offer a number of products to contractors and engineers. These include brands like AB Chance, Atlas, Magnacore, Hydraway, Carbon Fiber, and Epoxy and Urethane.

  • Our AB Chance product line is ideal for commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional applications.
  • With Magnacore SDAs, expect high-quality anchors and micropile systems.
  • Our Atlas resistance piers are available for all of your structural settlement needs.
  • We’ve been a proud provider of Hydraway Drainage Systems for more than 20 years and recommend them for athletic fields, golf courses, ventilation of pond liners, and more.
  • With concrete repair and reinforcement products, you can effectively remediate damaged concrete walls, bridges, columns, damns, and floor slaps.

In addition to our superior line of products, we offer unmatched support. Our various levels are backed by a network of certified engineers and centered on providing training, equipment, technical solutions, and valuable resources. Instead of simply supplying products to our customers, we partner with them to ensure they are equipped to successfully implement and install our solutions. It’s that commitment to support that sets Intech Anchoring apart from the competition.

Support for Engineers

Schedule a Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn courses are available upon request. The one-hour course is held at the location of your choice and provides you with the techniques and know-how to ensure your team gains proper knowledge and understanding of the Intech Anchoring Product Line. Professional Development Hour certificates are available upon completion of the course.

HeliCap Design Software

AB Chance offers the only interactive software in the industry that helps you solve your tension and compression project requirements with helical anchors. It performs powerful calculations on your site soil parameters to help you build better and faster. Use it for designing foundations, tiebacks, soil nails, and heavy guyed loads.