Why Choose Intech Anchoring & Our Products?

As a contractor, there are many reasons to choose Intech Anchoring and our line of products. First and foremost, industry expertise makes Intech Anchoring stand out from the competition. We have over 20 years of experience in the civil construction, foundation repair, and waterproofing industries. In addition, Intech Anchoring staffs a full team of highly skilled engineers who work together to create methods and strategies for moving past common industry and design challenges that hold others back.

At Intech Anchoring, we utilize the most technologically advanced, interactive software for design. This software is a superior method for bringing the theory of foundation design to the practical application of repair.

Along with quality software solutions, Intech Anchoring stocks a massive inventory of the industry’s best products for foundation repair. We are a regional distributor of Magnacore® and Atlas Copco Self Drilling Anchors, as well as A.B. Chance Helical Pier and Atlas Resistance Pier Systems. Additionally, Intech Anchoring manufactures and distributes the world leading Hydraway Drainage Systems. Also available from Intech Anchoring is rental installation equipment.

Not only does Intech Anchoring provide our customers with the most effective technology from our highly skilled staff, but we also offer superior customer service and technological support for the entire drainage and foundation repair process. Furthermore, our competitive prices allow us to stand out from the competition. Alongside our network of certified installers, Intech Anchoring provides the benefit of a short lead time between bidding and beginning the repair process.

What Contractors Say About Intech Anchoring

Any company or product can claim they are the best in the industry. The most important validation comes from previous customers and engineers who use the product on a continual basis.

As one of the longest running and most prevalent synthetic turf designers in Chicago area, we are familiar will all brands of flat drains. In addition, we also utilize flatdrains for natural grass drainage. We are very impressed with the Hydraway product line for both synthetic turf and natural grass drainage applications. We have found it to possess much better drainage parameters AND to be much more economical than other flatdrain products

Jason G.

We have worked with Intech Anchoring for well over a decade. We continue to value their people and their products. The people are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. They are integral in the development of our economic, fast-turn-around foundation solutions. Equally important, the product has always come as promised and on time. 5 Stars – Reliable, Dependable, and Efficient.

Dana W.

Intech Anchoring has made each helical pile project that our cmpany has been involved with a success for each project’s owner and for us. Intech Anchoring’s engineers provide project estimates quickly and have the experience to offer recommendations, when needed, to economize the foundation design to save the Owner time and money. Their engineers are also readily available during the testing and installation of the helical piles to provide technical assistance if required.

The training classes offered at Intech Anchoring’s office to be a certified installer have been very informative and well instructed, with demonstrations of actual helical pile installations. We have enjoyed our association with Intech Anchoring over the years and look forward to working with Intech Anchoring in the future.

Mike V.

The reason we use Hydraway 2000 can be summed up in two words, strength and permeability. When we use Hydraway 2000 under our fields, we know that we are using a material that has superior compression strength combined with higher permeability and water flow rates than other products we have used in the past.

Charles M.

Within 24 hours of receiving a lead from Intech Anchoring, I had a six-figure contract for an emergency repair 10 miles from my office. I relied on Intech Anchoring’s engineering and logistics departments to complete this project on time and on budget.

Most of the projects I am involved with require a close integration of engineering services and product supply logistics. Without the professional team support I receive from Intech Anchoring, I could not be as successful in this marketplace. The interaction feels more like that of a co-worker than a vendor.

Louis K.

For several years, we have specified Hydraway products as part of the subsurface drainage design under natural and synthetic athletic fields, utilizing both horizontal and vertical applications. We could not be more pleased with the high quality and performance of the products.

Ed N.