CHANCE® Certification Field Training

Intech Anchoring Systems continually offers CHANCE Certification courses for our customers.

In order for installers to be Level 1 Certified for Helical Underpinning and Resistance Piering, it is a two-part certification process that includes:

Part A

Online Training Course

  • Everyone must complete this every 2 years to be certified.
  • If interested, you may take this course before the field training.

Part B

Certification Field Training

  • Everyone must complete this only once.

Part A - Online Training Course

EVERYONE must complete this every two years. If interested, you may take this course before the field training.

Before or after successfully completing the Certification Field Training, candidates will receive emailed instructions on accessing the Online Training Course to complete the certification process. The Online Training Course will allow new certification candidates and re-certifications to study, review, and test in an online setting eliminating recurring travel in the future. Each certification candidate will be given a one month window to successfully complete the online course.

Each attendee must provide a unique email address in order to complete the online portion of the certification.​

CHANCE Online Re-certification Sign-up

Part B - Certification Field Training

All NEW CERTIFICATIONS must complete this field training.

The Certification Field Training is an entire day of inside and outside hands-on instruction taught by Engineers and Field Consultants. Candidates will walk away with invaluable training that will equip them with the industry’s best practices and techniques.

In addition, the candidates will be introduced to the entire CHANCE / ATLAS product line along with many different types of equipment, rigging, and installation techniques.

As a prerequisite to the Online Training Course it is mandatory that all NEW CERTIFICATIONS attend and successfully complete Certification Field Training onsite at Intech Anchoring Systems Training Center.

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