HeliCap Software

CHANCE HeliCAP Engineering Software

CHANCE offers interactive software that helps you solve your tension and compression project requirements with helical anchors.

It performs calculations using your site soil parameters to help you build better and faster. Use it for designing foundations, tiebacks, soil nails, and heavy guyed loads.

The Helical Capacity Design Software (HeliCAP) is a state-of-the-art helical pile and helical anchor capacity program. What makes this software so beneficial is that it streamlines the development process of your project, removes headaches, and gives you peace of mind.

HeliCAP Software Makes Deep Foundation Projects Easier to Complete


One of the great things about this industry is the number of possible foundation solutions out there. Intech can supply a whole variety of products from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, this presents the challenge of sorting through them and finding the best products for your project. Helicap software from CHANCE makes the selection process straightforward and trustworthy.

The software comes with built-in features for empowering your design professional to choose the helical pile or anchor components that are required to meet the specific requirements of a project. You only have to put in the appropriate environmental information, such as soil conditions, and the Helicap program will help you justify your recommendation for the best pile along with predicting the correct installation depth for the required project loads.   

HeliCAP was designed with a user-friendly interface and crystal clear graphics to display both the input and output data. It is presented in easy-to-understand profiles, tables, and graphs. This software allows you to find the balance between three of the most essential goals in any project: safety, cost effectiveness, and performance.  

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