Water Storage Tank Helical Piles Case Study

Water Storage Tank Helical Piles Case Study

Discover how our CHANCE helical piles improved an Indiana water tank pump station’s foundations.

The Client’s Problem

A water storage tank (pump station) in Indiana had a new addition to their facility that needed deep foundation solutions to create a solid foundation. The station needed deep foundation solutions because the soil near the surface was too weak and compressible to sustain shallow foundations or ground improvement solutions.

Our Solution

We supplied CHANCE helical piles. These materials stabilize foundations and lift up toward the surface to support the structure above them. The helical piles gave the pump station’s new structure a solid foundation by pushing pressure upward to support all the structure’s components. The station could continue providing water to the nearby community with few interruptions as the contractor installed the helical piles.

The Results

The new tank now has a sturdy foundation reinforced with helical piles far below the surface. Once the piles were in place, the project went smoothly and stayed on time and in budget.

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Pump Station Case Study FAQs

What is a pump station?

A pump station, or water storage tank, moves large amounts of water from one place to another for many different reasons. In some cases, the station moves the water for stormwater management purposes. In other cases, it may move water from a drainage area located in a geographical low spot to a higher area. A pump station may operate constantly in an area with heavy rainfall. However, a pump station in a more arid climate with little rainfall may operate infrequently. A pump station’s operations depend on how much water it needs to drain from a given area and what that climate’s area is like.

Why would a pump station need deep foundations? 

A pump station consists of many heavy pipes carrying water from one place to another. It needs a solid foundation to support the pipes and other heavy machinery in the facility. If the soils in a given area are too weak, soft, or compressible to support shallow foundations, deep foundations provide the support a pump station needs.

What are deep foundation solutions?

Deep foundation solutions are products and processes that transfer structural loads from the weak soil near a construction site’s surface to competent soil or rock far underground. Once these solutions are in place, they support the structure throughout its lifespan.

How do helical piles work in deep foundation solutions?

Helical piles work in underpinning systems, which transfer structural loads to bearing plates installed in competent rock or soil. These piles are also called uplift piles because they anchor foundations when buoyant forces cause uplift. When contractors install helical piles, they use special brackets to anchor them to the concrete foundations. They then secure the brackets with concrete bolts. After that, the helical piles are in place and they can begin supporting the structure above them.

What benefits do CHANCE helical piles provide?

CHANCE helical piles can handle up to 100,000 pounds each. An entire system of them can support any commercial structure, including a pump station and all its piping and equipment. They meet all the national building codes agencies’ requirements, so they can be installed anywhere in the U.S. CHANCE helical piles have the strength and durability to support structures throughout their lifespans.

Why Choose Intech To Supply Your Next Project’s Helical Piles?

We have been supplying commercial and industrial contractors with helical piles for over 20 years. Any time you order helical piles, we provide them with a level of customer service and convenience that stands out in the construction industry. When you begin using the helical piles in your project, our full-time engineering staff supports you in a variety of ways. For example, they’re available to help you customize the helical piles to fit your project’s needs. We use interactive software programs to adjust the piles to meet your requirements. Overall, we combine design theory with practical applications to ensure our helical piles support your project’s structure.

Reach out to us today to begin using CHANCE helical piles in your construction projects. We combine excellent products with top-quality customer service to provide the deep foundation solutions you need.