CHANCE Quality Control and Certifications

With CHANCE (Jason Herron, PE, CWI)

An overview of the test methods, certifications, and processes CHANCE puts in place to make sure that the products they offer perform to meet your expectations over the design life of the projects they are supporting.

Force Arrester and Carbonbond Residential Repair 101

A presentation detailing the installation requirements and general design principles that go into our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) system, Carbonbond, and our Wall Bracing System, the Force Arrester. The discussion will focus on the assessment of a structure to be reinforced, the general steps for the application of the systems, and the general design principles that apply to the systems.

Assessing Existing Building Loads and Designing Underpinning Elements

A discussion around the general information collected during an existing building structural evaluation presented with Jason Conn of Conn Engineering, and its impact on underpinning element design and performance. And the subsequent recommended procedure for determining the spacings to create an efficient and effective underpinning solution for a structure undergoing distress.

Hollow Bar Installation and Design 101

An informative discussion on the principles of installation and design of Magnacore Hollow-Bar Micropiles, co-presented with John Patterson from WORD Rock Drills.

Helical / Micropile Load Testing

Discussion of the design, setup, and different methods of performing vertical and lateral load testing per established methodologies. The topic for the webinar will be a basic introduction to Load Testing that is typically performed for helicals and micropiles. The speaker addresses testing equipment components, installation/test setup, the performance of several types of tests, and general procedures for analyzing the tests for acceptance.

Grouted Helicals and Hollow Bar 101 presented with ChemGrout

The presentation covers the general grout mixing principles for the installation and design of our Helical Pulldown Micropiles and Hollow Bar Micropiles.

Topics include General grout science principles; Grout mixing techniques; Types of in-situ and laboratory test methods; On-site grouting operations and best practices; and Estimating, designing, and installing Helical Pulldown Micropiles and Hollow-Bar Micropiles.

Tiebacks and Soil Nails

A brief introduction to slopes, tiebacks, and soil nails. Includes design concepts, software overview, and typical construction.

Hydraway Highlight

A brief overview of Hydraway’s history, its uses, and its applications. Installation and typical design applications will be discussed.

Case Studies

A review of our projects through the year, including things learned, things that were overcome, and lessons learned.

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