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For over 20 years, we’ve worked to establish ourselves as an industry leader for supplying commercial, residential, and industrial contractors. See the evidence of our expertise and engineering for yourselves.

Over the past two decades, we’ve supplied and assisted countless projects and aided in the success of a diverse collection of clients. We’ve tracked our work through case studies like these because we believe in being upfront about our past work. These case studies span the entire list of our services and the capabilities of the team at Intech Anchoring.

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We spend every day working to meet the requirements of multiple industries and exceed the expectations of our clients. These case studies illustrate the lessons we’ve learned over the years and all the ways we have improved our services for you. We offer in-house services in:

  • Value Engineering
  • On-Time Product Delivery
  • Product and Installation Training
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Deep Foundation Products

Curious about proof of our work? Explore these case studies to see the impact our expertise can have on your project. In every case study, we include a project overview, the requirements and challenges we faced, along with the solution and results we provided for the project. Take this opportunity to discover more about our capabilities and the quality of work we can deliver at Intech Anchoring.


Intech’s partner is in the middle of a project installing SS5 tiebacks and RS2875.203 vertical piles. Intech Anchoring supplied these products. Our team value-engineered the project to set expectations and predict costs for the installation crew. We also provided field certification training for the company’s employees to help them be more successful in their work.

Gilcrest, CO, Wastewater Lagoon Case Study

Intech Anchoring partnered with the city of Gilcrest, Colorado, to provide solutions for their faulty wastewater lagoon liners. Trapped methane gas was causing liners to bubble. Intech Anchoring came up with a cost-effective way to mitigate gases and prevent damage by installing a Hydravent Venting System.

Newark, NJ, Airport Methane Venting System Case Study

Methane gas was found in the new walkway tunnel at a New Jersey airport. The engineering firm in charge of the project chose Intech Anchoring and the Hydravent Venting System to prevent gas from building up in the tunnel. Intech Anchoring worked with engineers to develop custom fittings that proved to be an effective solution for this project.

Indiana Retaining Wall Case Study

An Indiana company’s retaining wall project presented unexpected challenges to construction crews. Several redesigns were necessary throughout the process. Intech Anchoring’s engineering team worked with three different companies to create a final design that included 14-inch helices to support the retaining wall.

Detroit, MI, Tiebacks/Wall Anchors Case Study

A residential home in Detroit experienced a shifting basement wall. Intech Anchoring engineers and excavators put the wall back in its proper place and installed Dura-Grip wall anchors as a cost-effective solution. Our client was impressed with the service and happy they did not have to endure a wall replacement cost.

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