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Intech Anchoring Systems takes pride in being the manufacturer of Hydraway Drainage System®, a comprehensive line of waterproofing products designed for residential foundation contractors. The Hydraway Drainage System is known for its exceptional performance and guaranteed results, making it a preferred choice for contractors, installers, and engineers.

One of the key features of the Hydraway Drainage System is its specially engineered design, which allows for high in-flow rates. This design enables rapid dewatering of turf areas while effectively preventing the passage of soil particles making this system ideal for use as a French drain around foundations.

Compared to other drainage systems, the Hydraway Drainage System stands out with its impressive in-flow rate of 80%, which is 7 to 25 times higher than other systems allowing water be quickly channeled away from the foundation. 

In addition to Hydraway drain tile, our product line encompasses various other moisture control products. Dehumidifiers are designed to effectively manage humidity levels, preventing moisture-related issues and creating a healthier indoor environment. Sump pumps offer reliable water removal from basements and crawlspaces, ensuring optimal protection against flooding. Our crawlspace encapsulation systems provide a comprehensive solution to seal and protect crawlspaces from moisture, mold, and pests.

By offering a complete range of waterproofing products, Intech Anchoring Systems aims to simplify the process for residential foundation contractors. You can rely on us as your single source for high-quality, performance-driven solutions that meet industry standards and deliver guaranteed results.



Hydraway is a flat strip drainage solution that has been proven to last longer and perform better than traditional drainage systems.

It is a geo-composite subsurface drainage solution composed of a structured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) perforated core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile filter fabric. The innovative fabric allows water to pass through while retaining backfill materials. The perforated core allows water collection from all sides and provides a continuous flow path.

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HydraPanel is a geocomposite subsurface drainage bridging material composed of a structured, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile filter fabric.

With a high compression strength and a flexible polyethylene core with a higher in-flow rate than traditional systems, HydraPanel relieves hydrostatic pressure alongside residential and commercial foundation walls and other subsurface structures.

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HydraChannel is a groundwater drainage system that lies on top of the footing and captures water entering a basement or crawlspace through cove joints or cracks. It collects any water into a double row of 6-inch Hydraway that is trenched into the soil and inserted vertically along the footing. From there, it channels water to a sump pump and away from the space.

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HydraTrack is an on-footer drainage channel system for interior basement waterproofing. Its rear angle leaves space for non-removable dirt or debris that rests against the wall. The top of the track is sloped downward, which creates a thicker concrete floor that better disperses weight and reduces cracking.

HydraTrack features a flange that extends up the wall, acting as a built-in diverter. This flange helps direct water down from the weep holes, into the pipe, and away from the foundation.

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As part of our commitment to offering top-of-the-line waterproofing solutions, Intech Anchoring Systems proudly presents Blue Angel sump pumps. These sump pumps are designed to efficiently remove water from the interior of homes, completing the drainage system and ensuring a dry and protected environment.

Blue Angel sump pumps are renowned in the industry for their exceptional performance, making them the preferred choice for residential applications. Our sump pumps are engineered to deliver reliable and efficient water removal, keeping basements and crawlspaces free from excess moisture and potential flooding.

What sets Blue Angel sump pumps apart is their superior performance, which makes them the best in the market. These pumps are specifically designed to handle the demanding requirements of water management in residential settings. With robust construction, powerful motors, and advanced features, Blue Angel sump pumps ensure reliable operation and effective water extraction.


In our pursuit of offering comprehensive moisture control solutions, Intech Anchoring Systems proudly provides AprilAire dehumidification systems. Whether you need compact units for crawlspaces or larger units for basements, our range of Aprilaire dehumidifiers caters to various residential applications.

AprilAire is a trusted and renowned brand in the industry, known for its high-quality dehumidification products. We offer a selection of AprilAire dehumidifiers designed to effectively manage and control moisture levels in different areas of the home.

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Crawlspaces are indeed susceptible to moisture retention, leading to elevated humidity levels that create an ideal environment for mold and bacteria growth. At Intech Anchoring Systems, we recognize the importance of addressing these moisture-related issues and offer a comprehensive crawlspace liner system to help prevent the possibility of such growths.

Our crawlspace liner is specifically designed to create a moisture barrier, effectively sealing the crawlspace and preventing the ingress of moisture. By installing a crawlspace liner, you can significantly reduce the risk of excessive humidity and the subsequent growth of mold and bacteria.

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