Hydraway Waterproofing System

Intech supplies a full line of waterproofing products to residential foundation contractors, including in industry-leading Hydraway Drain Tile, Dehumidifiers, Sump Pumps, Crawl Space Encapsulation, and more moisture control products.


Engineers choose Hydraway® due to its high compressive strengths, inflow rate, and guaranteed results.

The specially engineered design permits high inflow rates for rapid dewatering of the turf area while effectively preventing passage of soil particles. We specialize in drainage for: sports turf, athletic fields, golf courses, highways, and runways, as well as under pond liners as a vent and waterproofing for basements and crawlspaces.

The Hydraway Drainage System® is the fastest in the industry. It has a 80% inflow rate, which is 7 to 25 times higher than most other systems. It is capable of withstanding 11,000 lbs/ft2. The entire system is a superior performing and cost effective replacement for the “French” drain, or other conventional “drain-tile” systems.

The Hydraway Waterproofing System removes water 70% faster from basements than standard methods. Combined with its no-clog guarantee, this system is the best for keeping basements dry.

HydraTrack is an on-footer drain channel system for interior basement waterproofing.

HydraTrack features a flange that extends up the wall, acting as a built-in diverter. This flange helps direct water down from the weep holes into the pipe and away from the foundation.

Intech Anchoring offers sump pumps to complete the drainage system and pump water out of the interior of the home. Intech’s Sump Pumps are the industry’s best performing sump pump on the market.

Crawlspaces are prone to retaining moisture, bringing humidity levels to well over 50%. Combined with low lighting, they are ideal places for mold and other bacteria to thrive. Intech Anchoring provides a crawl space liner system to help prevent the possibility of these growths.

Intech Anchoring supplies various options for dehumidification systems, including compact units for crawl spaces and larger units for basements.

Engineers choose Hydraway due to its high compressive strengths, inflow rate, and guaranteed results. Read what some of the top drainage contractors in the country have to say about their experience with Hydraway.

Why Choose Hydraway?


Industry’s highest compressive strength


Industry’s highest in-flow rate


Industry’s highest compressive strength


No known product failures


Ease of installation means lower total installed cost


Removes water 70% faster than traditional methods of drainage

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